The Smallest Garden in the World – Turn a Bottle into a Self-Watering Garden in Seconds

Local, Organic and Fresh – we’re wanting more of it than ever before. But have you ever tried growing your own? Well NY based food startup Urban Leaf wants to help you do just that.Their first product, the World’s Smallest Garden, turns a bottle into a self-watering hydroponic garden in seconds. Just fill a bottle with water, insert the garden, and you’re ready to grow!


  The World’s Smallest Garden lets plants water themselves, so you don’t have to – making it perfect for wannabe plant mamas (or papas) with a less than perfect memory. I guess this means there’s no more excuses for “I tried to grow a plant once but it died”…..?  


    The product launches on Kickstarter on May 22, and we’re told there will be some BIG discounts for opening day backers so if you don’t want to miss out you should probably try to get on their email list.  

product26packaging color

    Founders Nate and Rob have spent the last few months 3D printing beta units in small batches and assembling them by hand in Rob’s apartment. They’ll be using the proceeds from the campaign to move into a proper production facility and ultimately help more people enjoy the benefits of growing their own food.  



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