WordPress Themes for Instagram: Smart Selection, Application, and After Effects

WordPress themes for Instagram: Smart selection,application, and after effects

Instagram is known as the perfect social media due to its growing popularity and user-friendly tools. Also, Instagram is highly visually appealing which is why it keeps the users engaged. Instagram helps the user to use different themes in order to improve and beautify their pictures.   

While WordPress is a site which provides various options of themes a, plugin, templates, etc. especially to bloggers.WordPress allows its users to make their websites on their content management platform. It also helps the Instagram users to apply various themes for their multiple posts.   

Before being able to use WordPress themes, the Instagram account and WordPress account has to be linked. This can be done with the help of WordPress built-in embeds and Instagram widgets. The process is quite short and does not need much time.  

How to select a perfect WordPress theme for Instagram?  

Once your WordPress account is linked with your Instagram account, you get axis to use all the WordPress tools. Depending upon your niche or type of post there are numerous themes available. Select the theme which is the most relevant theme as per your posts content and see to it that the theme does justice to your content.   

Also, to visually attract your users it is advisable to choose visually attractive themes which will grab visitors attention quickly add as a plus point for your post. Also using contrast color and pastel colors themes is trending these days.   

Things to keep in mind while choosing a theme for your Instagram post

Select themes that support auto repost:  

OnceInstagram and WordPress accounts are linked there are certain plugin and themes which allows you to repost your web content on your Instagram post. Whatever you post on your website the same can be seen on your Instagram account automatically without any manual inputs or efforts.   

This is possible due to tools like an Instagram auto poster. So, if you want to avail this benefit then choose a theme which supports these tools.  

Select themes that support Instagram widgets:  

Just like the auto repost Instagram widgets allows you to post your Instagram content directly on your website. You do not have to make efforts to re-upload all your Instagram pictures to your website.WordPress has various themes which extend their support to Instagram feed.   

With the help of these themes, you can make your Instagram feed content visible on your website either in the sidebar or the bottom. Select themes which support Instagram widgets in order to give your website visitors a view of your Instagram feed.  

Visually appealing photo gallery:  

Select themes which give you axis to have a very highly attractive photo gallery which will make your content more readable. Also, see to it that in case you are using it for business purpose then also focus on the quality and impact of your photographs.  

Analyzing the theme structure and textures of themes:  

Before selecting a theme for your post closely analyze its structure, layout, and textures as these little things may have huge effects on the overall look of your post. For e.g., if you have a cloth selling website and you want to grab your viewers’ attention to your product then make sure that your layout is straightforward and light in color so that the products are highlighted.  

Application of themes  

As per the nature of your business or your niche you can select your desired theme once you finalize your theme. Then edit or make the necessary changes in your theme and post accordingly.   

Also, as you have linked your WordPress and Instagram account now you can make your website content visible to your followers through Instagram auto poster and can show your website viewers your Instagram feed through Instagram widgets. If you are not sure about the theme selection, you can always change and edit your theme.  

Some of the things that should be kept in mind are that always study what kind of themes your viewers are interested in and what they like. Also, if you maintain a consistent color scheme, combinations, textures, etc. then it will give your post a personalized look.   

Using the same typology will also add to the personification of your posts. This indirectly will lead to more you to more followers on Instagram. In case you want to buy genuine followers, you can do so from the Gramblast application.  

After the effects of choosing a perfect theme for your post   Choosing a perfect theme for your post will undoubtedly bring you good returns the following are a few.  

More focus on products:  

When you have a theme, which enhances more on your products or pictures then automatically the viewers’ eyes will be directly on your product rather than other things on the page. This will fulfill your motive of buying customers or viewers’ attention to your products.   

Speaks out the subject of your content:  

Many a time it is overlooked, but a theme can really make or break your post. A good theme will indirectly give a visual message to your viewers about your content and many a time from the theme itself people and guess what the content is all about.  

Your theme becomes your recognition:  

If you follow a particular typology or color scheme in your theme then your viewers will know you through that theme itself and over a period of time your theme becomes your recognition for your followers or viewers. They can differentiate easily between your post and another post just by your theme pattern.   

A good theme plays a significant role in attracting the viewers, keeping them engaged in your content, and also indirectly helps you to increase your sales. Especially if you have business accounts, it’s imperative to have an outstanding and highly attractive theme.   

In case you are not well versed with color combinations or web designing then it is advisable to hire web designers or web developers to execute it on your behalf rather than using clumsy and distracting or unattractive themes.

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