Women Safety with Innovative smartphone apps in India

With the growing number of harassment and violence
cases against Women in India, women security has become a major area of
concern. In distress situations, your mobile phone can prove to be your best
companion and your protector.

Large numbers of women safety applications are
available these days that can be downloaded on smartphones and will help you
provide security in various ways by informing about your whereabouts, sending
alarm in distress situations and among others. These apps are quite handy and
can go a long way in keeping you safe on the road and alert family, friends or
police in distress situations. Don’t forget to download these must-have apps to
your smartphones.
These apps can be used by women during emergency. The app
sets the emergency contact list and when you are in danger it emits a loud
sound. Other features of the app include taking audios, videos and pictures,
broadcasting messages through community and others. The app is available for
free download on Android devices.
SOS-Stay Safe
This app by iXtentia helps women to send out SOS alerts
to family and friends in case of distress and emergencies. With the help of
this app, you can simply use the shake gesture to raise an alarm and also
customize the intensity of the shake as per your requirements. The app sends an
emergency message, battery level of the device, the location of the user as
well as one minute of audio recording. The GPS feature keeps the track of your
There are 2 versions of the app available – free
version and the full paid version.
bSafe- Personal Safety
This app is designed for providing everyday safety by
allowing you to set network of family and friends with whom you can share your
locations. The Guardian Alert button in the app will send an alarm message in
times of need to your friends and family while GPS will track your location and
whereabouts. One can also make their phone ring when needed using the Fake Call
feature. The app is available for free to download.
SafetiPin: Complete
Safety App
This app comes really handy when you are travelling to
a new or an unknown locality and wish to know its safety levels. The app
provides the view of the area you are looking for along with its safety score,
comments as well as pictures. Thus with the help of this app you can take necessary
precautions while moving to a neighborhood, city or any other place. The app is
available for free to download.
Woman Safety Shield
This app by SmartShehar provides safety to the women
wherever they go. The app enables the user to simply hit the emergency button,
take pictures which are then sent along with your location and contact details
to your emergency contact list through SMS. The app is available for free to
Women Safe Circle
Women Safe Circle is an app that every woman should
have on their phone as it helps them in staying safe and connected with the
pre-selected contacts in a single click. With this app, users can call them during
any emergency or simply send a SOS with their exact GPS location. This app is
available for Windows Phone.
This can be used in emergency situations using a single
click Distress signal through call or message to a specified group or contact.
The app can be configured to send emergency message on shaking the phone.
Moreover, the app will send alerts about the location of the user to the chosen
contacts with accurate updates after every 300 meters. This app is available
for Android.
OnWatch offers tools to alert a group of contacts who
the user trusts and one can add up to six customizable alert modes to alert
friends, family and any other combination. Also, there is a timer feature,
which will send an alert to the user after a set time and if there is no response;
the app will send a customized message to the selected contacts automatically. This
app is available for iOS.
With this app, parents can always now about their kids
whereabouts. It also allows them to send emergency alerts using the alert
button to a set of trusted people. This app is available for BlackBerry.
Scream Alarm!
This is a free safety alarm, which does only one thing
– scream with a women’s voice on pushing a button. Scream Alarm is a perfect
app to raise alarm in distress situations. This app is available for Android.
Fightback app sends an SOS message via text message,
email or Facebook to the pre-mentioned list of recipients with the click of a
button. The SOS message also includes the location details of the sender, which
is tracked using GPS. This app is available for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and
This application is targeted to offer women safety and
tracking. This is a travel friendly app, which can be configured to notify your
location and send the details consistently to the user’s partner or loved one
automatically. All the users need to do is to configure the destination phone
number and enable GPS. This app is available for Android.
Women Safety Mobile
Women Safety Mobile Apps is a safety app that provides
information on street safety, cab services and also offers connection to family
and friends apart from many other interesting features that could help provide
safety and security to the women. This app is available for BlackBerry.
Circle of 6
Circle of 6 app lets users add up to 6 people to the
circle and assist the users during times of difficulty. In times of real need,
two national hotline numbers can be accessed along with a local emergency
contact number. This app is available for iPhone and android.
YWCA Safety Siren
This application provides a unique utility siren on
pressing the safety button and also offers health and safety information for
young women. It focuses more on dating and social interaction and offers tips
and facts on safety and well-being. This app is available for Android.
Vith u
Vith U, is an emergency App that, at the click of the
power button of your smartphone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert
messages every 2 minutes to your contacts that you feed into the app as the
designated receivers or guardians. The message says “I am in danger. I need help.
Please follow my location.” The receiver will receive a link to your location
every 2 minutes giving them your updated location.

“Security & Safety Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless”


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