Wiki – Sets No Restriction to What Kids Can Learn Today – Will It Lead Us to Better?

Decades earlier till now Wikipedia has been one of the most important inventions in the history of the digital era. It reminds me of my own less technological enabled childhood.   

Among the most significant moments, many among us as we recall our youth was the gift of the encyclopedia. It was high end with massive volumes and tons of color diagrams, photographs, formulas, and even bibliographies. (Image source: Network World).

The encyclopedia was a complete joy that we would have spent lots of time going through it and gaining access to the newest skimmed knowledge about the world. It had some countable drawbacks though. Once published, it was set permanently or instead printed. No changes can be made. As I remember the rockets from the Astro section, the information appears outdated.   

Moreover, the users had to purchase their copies of the encyclopedia could have read the content. Or if you want to look at it, you either have to buy or visit the public library. Undoubtedly it was huge enough occupying a lot of space on the shelves with paper weighing more than 50 pounds and binding. There were no means that you could have taken the complete copy of it.  

They are considering the age today! The knowledge hubs and commercial units and paper encyclopedia have become extinct. The breakthrough of hypertext, search engines, and Wikipedia has taken over the charge.   

What makes Wikipedia a revolutionary invention? 

From 2012, the consent of encyclopedia Britannica of no longer publishing the printed version led to the downfall of the published reference. Well, on the other side the execution of printed reference has been a right decision and a scenario where the technological breakthrough worked for a better cause. In the crucial times, the introduction of Wikipedia brought infinite good.  

You can read up to the most important details of any celebrity, artist or historical figure, about any technology, Mongolian army in more than 200 languages. You can even contribute with your edits on every , or if not on your own you can hire Professional Wikipedia Page Creation Services for page creation as per your eligibility and notability, any contribution made is approved and cleaned through some challenging process all by Wikipedia volunteer team. Occasionally, wars, take place on controversial articles.   

The open source contribution of articles and page creation is the best feature of Wikipedia. In the early days, it was remarked by the specialist encyclopedia publishers as substandard and lack in control. Though as Wikipedia progressed, it developed what IT industrial specialists called the up and coming properties.   

The more the internet troops rested to it the higher the standard of Wikipedia raised to it. All credits go to the acceptance and participation of the user and software, a platform that was mainly designed for the common purpose, soon Wikipedia turned into the emerging, self-corrective and self-rising enterprise.   

Every feature is particularly splendid, though they couldn’t put up when compared with the future effect. The most important element of Wikipedia and the goal of why it is such a pivotal, world-changing origination, is that what an economist call a general commodity.  

Wikipedia is no contradictory, that is, one’s usage will not restrict somebody else from making use of it at the very moment; and it’s non-repudiatory that is, contrary to the published encyclopedias, and no one can place a valuable barrier to one’s usage. Moreover, it’s a truth that Wikipedia, is run by the non-profit foundation that partly relies on the voluntary contributions from the general public.   

Being a general commodity, Wikipedia produces incredible definite perks, and it brings much more value to the present society than what it costs in compensation, in the means of strength consumed by its editors’ effort   

How will the undeveloped minds nurture with this revolution of knowledge? 

It’s worldwide, it’s present everywhere in more than 200s of languages, even newly developed. It exists and flourishes all by means of internet. By being completely free and easy to access, either via a network connection or an offline application, Wikipedia gives good magic of human knowledge all in your hand, and even it might include building a nuclear bomb in your garage. With a strong base for explorations and finding answers to all of your questions either intense or superficial.   

Wikipedia sometimes acts as an indication of things to come. Uninterrupted access to knowledge makes it more interesting. Even a school going kid can type on their own and search Wikipedia.   

They are growing up safe with the understanding that there is an answer online to every question. They know that the complete world encyclopedia is in their pocket, but it’s not always positive but sometimes matures the mind. It gives birth to wild and undying keenness since one question comes with another question and so it’s a chain.   

With Wikipedia knowledge has become a competition a journey with hyperlinks, search boxes and so on, unlike the published 50-pound encyclopedia there are no restrictions to what kids can learn from Wikipedia.   

This is the place where our future is growing up, the place where knowledge can be accessed freely, comprehensive and inescapable. Well if we recall one thing about the history of humankind is when learning is spread good things are expected.  

In a nutshell 

The far-reaching democratic approach gave rise to the scientific breakthrough, the endurance and eventually opened doors to the modern world. The credit goes to the general commodities the World Wide Web and global Wikipedia is facilitating for something akin, though as on much fast pace and colossal scale.   

It’s difficult to predict what unheard development and social breakthrough is yet to come and as a consequence of such depth is the free expansion of knowledge. One thing is decided that it will make the kids more keen and ingenious than we would have ever expected in our thoughts.  


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