Why Hiring Equipment is Good for Business

Buying brand new equipment might not be the best move for
your business. Such an investment needs to pay off and that is never
guaranteed. Yes, you have a chance to reuse it numerous times, but the question
is at what price? On the other hand, renting is becoming more and more popular
in the business world. It lets you obtain the finest pieces of machinery for
just a fraction of the cost of purchasing it. So, if you are considering having
the privilege of being a proud owner, take a moment and reevaluate.

Face value and beyond

When it comes to owning equipment, there are many hidden
expenses that people tend to overlook. Namely, it can bite off a big chunk of
your budget, and not just due to the upfront costs. Equipment quickly becomes
outdated or calls for expensive upgrades and maintenance. Keeping up with the
constant leaps and bounds that technology makes can cost an arm and a leg, and due
to serious damage and wear and tear, the machinery becomes a real money
This suggests that you will never get the same price for it as
the day you bought it. Buying top quality is a way to shield against
depreciation and
market fluctuation as well as repairs, but it is not an option for many small businesses.
On the other hand, buying used equipment saves money right off the bat, but in
the long-term, it is a risky proposition. Holding the equipment that satisfies
the highest demand might not even be practical and cost-effective most of the

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For example, the peaks and valleys in demand can make it sit
around collecting dust for the better part of the year. What is more, it
requires sufficient capital, storage space, and paperwork. You have to adhere
to various regulations and procedures, which can be a fuss. Furthermore, the
equipment needs to be well-protected in a suitable storage unit and there are
usually transportation costs involved. Renting, however, helps you avoid all
this hassle and have perfectly tuned equipment delivered at the site.

No boiling the ocean

Indeed, renting the equipment for as long as you need it frees
you of worries, risks, and additional expenses piling up on top of each other.
It does not represent a balance sheet liability like purchasing. In case you
are renting for a longer period of time, hiring companies may provide routine
inspections for free. Additionally, some of them offer advice to companies
utilizing their machines as well as staff for hire. These services cut the
costs needed to put the equipment to good use and keep it running like
Based on your specific situation, renting could have an even
stronger case. There may be some piece of equipment you need just once, such as an electric scissor lift. It also does
not make much financial sense to purchase something you’ll use once in a blue
moon or for a short-term project. Besides, buying specialized equipment is not
overly viable from an economic standpoint. Pieces like elevated work platforms
can become outdated in a matter of months. Rental companies are at least
offering latest models that work like a charm.
Finally, note that hiring equipment is a nice way to test it.
This means you can later make an educated purchasing decision if need be and
perhaps capitalize on special buying and
leasing options. So,
despite all the benefits of renting we mentioned above, do not completely rule
out buying. Just bear in mind that it is not always the first and best option
for your business. Carry out a research and shop around to find the best deals.
Weigh your options carefully before taking the plunge.

The best of both worlds

The market for renting equipment has increased in recent
years and hiring is usually your best option. You can steer away from
unpleasant upfront costs and extra fees associated with the long-term
commitment. At the end of the day, you will still benefit from it like it is
your own. So, get all your money’s worth without having to worry about repairs,
maintenance, resale value, transportation, etc. Make the most of the tools you
need for the trade and mitigate the impact on your finances in the process. 


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