What is white level SEO and how does it work?

Today, more and more companies are turning to structures specializing in natural referencing for their digital strategies. Indeed, they often do not have the necessary skills to set up their SEO strategies themselves. However, it also happens that these agencies are cornered by the number of companies they have to serve. The white label is then a possible outsourcing solution, even if SEO is part of your area of ​​expertise.

What is white level SEO?

SEO outsourcing consists of entrusting the task to a third-party expert who takes care of carrying out natural referencing for your clients. This expert can be an SEO agency, an SEO consultant, or a freelance SEO. The concept of white label SEO exists in many commercial areas. As defined on Wikipedia, it is about making tools or products available without citing the brand or the origin of the information transmitted. As a result, a company that offers white label services performs the service in question through a third party without indicating that it was the supplier.

How does white label SEO work?

To understand the keys to white label SEO, it’s simple! It is about offering SEO services from a specialized third-party agency to your clients in a completely transparent and legal manner. This can be considered the advanced level of outsourcing since some of these companies directly integrate your logo into their various reports and deliverables. These SEO outsourcing companies offer better support, clear communication, and tailor-made strategies to serve your clients.

These are generally the most important, as they consider the latest technologies, the latest indicators, and cutting-edge software and analysis and audit tools. However, throughout this process, you maintain complete control over your relationship with your client.

You also decide how to operate with specific companies to outsource your search engine marketing strategy. You can give them full autonomy to work on your behalf and provide you with regular project reports. In this case, you will need to be sure of their expertise, especially by checking with companies with which they have already worked on other projects. You might as well have them work under the supervision of a chef who is a member of your team.

The advantages of the white label SEO

As explained before, brand referencing allows you to offer the service to your client in the usual way. You are in charge of the relationship with the customer. You sign the contract with him and apply your usual prices. Ultimately, the customer’s site will be listed under your name, which has many advantages. This allows you to fill the gaps in your services (offer quality SEO services), better manage the overloads of work (many projects simultaneously, urgent deadlines) and significantly strengthen the image of your brand and earn the trust of your customers. Do not hesitate to discuss all the necessary elements with your subcontractor expert, who can also advise you in choosing the best subcontracting formula.

  • You keep control over your customer: you can bill them for other services
  • Your customers are satisfied and advise your company to their network: you can decide to keep the new contracts or entrust them to us under a white label.
  • You define your margin yourself on our prices
  • You manage the customer relationship; we handle everything else.

Final words

Through the white label principle, it is possible to develop a commercial activity and gain notoriety. It is one of the techniques used by most companies to limit production costs and be more active in the market. It is an effective business strategy to expand relationships in the business world with partners. Also, it allows you to gain know-how by working with other partner companies.

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