What works better in 2018: Guest Blogs or PBN? Truth Revealed!

As the competition is increasing day by day, in order to build a better SEO strategy for your blog a general question which comes up almost daily is which of the two is better- PBNs or guest posts?

This is a relative question and the answer varies from person to person. In order to decide this you need to know about each of them and then only you can decide. So, let us first get to know what each of the two. You may also Visit Brew My Ideato know more.

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Which is better PBN or guest Blog?

PBN PBN stands for Private Blog Network. There are essential website networks to build authority by building interconnected links within themselves.  PBN is considered to be a black hat technique by Google i.e. Google does not approve of this method for blogs. However, building illicit links and PBN can be good SEO strategy.  Yet building a remarkably effective and good quality blog can prove to be effective.   Pros- 

  • You have full control over links and can use anchor text as per your choice.
  • You need to be careful and add only niche specific links
  • You can be liable to get links from high authority homepage.


  • You should be really careful with the footprints
  • Managing different email Ids, hosts and addresses seem to be taken care of.
  • The budget is often high.

Guest Post this is normally where bloggers write contents for other blog sites. It is more like a give and take system. In return of your blogs the writers send out a link back to your account. You need to be a high quality writer to be able to get those links for yourself. Guest posts are the white hat techniques and hence are more preferred when compared with the PBN. Yet it is not totally a white hat thing. Writing guest posts to random sites are against the guidelines of Google.    Pros-

  • They are safer than PBN.
  • The budgets are normally low
  • The owner takes good care of post’s frequency.


  • Blog owners might end up removing your posts
  • You will not be allowed to add links to the sites.
  • Getting links from same niche is difficult.

Now, as you know about what exactly the two of these are and how they function. PBN and guest posts are both ways of expanding your business blogs. Quality is what everyone preaches. If your contents are of good quality and rich in matter, anyways people will appreciate it and it will be liked and marketed provided you have a proper marketing strategy to work for.  

Here is where the SEO strategy comes into picture. After knowing exactly what both the guest posts and PBN are you yourself need to make a decision which you wish to go for. Each of them come with their own set of pros and cons which you need to consider well before opting for them.

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