What We Want To See In Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

Above you can see, what we expect from the new Google Pixel 2 smartphone, and then we will look at what we want from the new Pixel.  

Price drop  

Original Pixel and Pixel XL were high-end smartphones, but they come at a very high price, XL, for example, is more expensive than iPhone Plus is 7, and the standard sizes Google flagship is comparable with other flagships of the market, despite the mediocre matching their specifications.  

If Google really wants to make their phones mainstream, the new Google Pixel 2 should reduce the price.   

Apple a big name in the mobile industry that allows us to play with the prices, but Pixel from Google yet to grow and grow.


Screen resolution  

The original Pixel offers a resolution of 1080p, which is not a flagship feature, most of the competitors (including Pixel XL) have a QHD resolution. This is especially problematic when Pixel is positioned as a VR-friendly smartphone.  

Thus, we would like to see-QHD display on the 2nd Pixel and perhaps even on the screen 4K Pixel 2 XL, unless permission to do so will not kill the battery.  

Stylish assembly  

Google Pixel has an attractive and distinctive design, the rear panel of metal and glass, but its design is also a bit unusual, and we would like Google to rethink the design for Google Pixel 2.  

There is nothing wrong with a glass or metal, as well as a combination thereof, but the design should be cohesive, and Pixel looks like it turned out to connect two smartphones.  

Resistance to water  

Water-resistance is still not a feature of all flagship smartphones, but it is an increasingly popular feature, even the iPhone has got 7 protection from water, so Pixel, not having anything to stop the water, began to help unsuccessful mainly flagship last year.  

Hopefully, everything will change with Google Pixel 2, and we get a phone that at least corresponds to the waterproofing of the current smartphones – it’s about certification IP68, but if the manufacturer goes further and makes your smartphone completely waterproof, we will be happy.  

Better battery life  

It seems that we want the best battery life for almost all smartphones, but Pixel needs to be updated more than others.  

It is not too expensive to upgrade any smartphone, but the flagship is obliged to give a tolerable time of service, and we expect a significant increase in battery life with Pixel 2 times.  

Stereo speakers  

As waterproofing, this feature is not unique to all flagships, but it’s one of those updates that we wanted to see and hear.  

And while we all prefer to use headphones to listen to music phones, this is not always practical, so a pair of muscular stereos could make the difference. Hopefully, Google Pixel 2 gets them.  

Superior Assistant  

New Google Assistant has been one of the main selling points of Pixel, and as an assistant, no doubt, is impressive with its features, it is not like the update 2.0 for Google Now.  

We would like to get a better recognition of commands following “Ok, Google». It is desirable that the first time and no matter how fast we say, and how noisy environment around us.  

Assistant Google works fine right now, but sometimes we cannot do what we want. New iPhone 8 can become a major competitor for Google Pixel 2.


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