What Exactly Is 5G and What It Means For Your Business


In case you haven’t heard, 5G is the new wireless technology set to be deployed by the major wireless expense management companies  in the coming years. 5G’s main selling point is the speed, which is significantly faster than LTE or 4G speeds.  

Many estimates say that 5G gives users download speeds of up to 20 Gbps. By way of comparison, current LTE or 4G speeds top out at about 50 Mbps.   In addition to the speed of 5G, the network delivers much lower latency times, or the time it takes to connect to the network. Current LTE latency times hover at approximately 40 milliseconds, while 5G is said to be at about 1 millisecond.  

As it stands, both Verizon and AT&T are slowly deploying their next-generation 5G networks, and the hope is that this technology will be fully implemented over the next few years.   In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways this new technology can benefit your business and why you should be excited.  

Saves Money and Increases Efficiency  

Today, more and more companies are making use of workers from around the world. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly popular for workers to work from home, which means they need fast, reliable networks to do their work. 5G makes this happen, which means more and more companies can make use of freelancers and workers in other parts of the world, thus expanding their capabilities. Also, a more robust network is better for customers too. When customers experience issues connecting to your company’s website or online services, it increases the chance that they’ll find another company to do business with.  

Faster, More Reliable Communications  

Today, communication between individuals and companies depends on wireless technology like never before. Because of this, it’s essential to have the best, most reliable network to link together customers, employees, vendors, machines, and companies. Thanks to the speed and reliability of 5G, people can be more efficient in their collaborations and their overall communications.  

Makes Your Business More Efficient  

When you have a faster, more reliable network you can lean on; your business can operate more efficiently because the communication between people and machines happens at a faster rate with less downtime. With 5G, transactions can be approved more quickly, and essential files can be sent with little wait. Which will help out with the telecom service provisioning.   

Improves Safety

Think about the auto industry and how our vehicles are becoming smarter and smarter as they rely more heavily on wireless connectivity. Now with 5G, these automobiles will be able to talk to one another in real-time in addition to watching the road and getting directions thanks to the speed and bandwidth afforded by 5G. This will ultimately make driving safer and more efficient.  

While the effects of 5G won’t be fully realized for quite some time, those businesses that prepare early are the ones that will capitalize on it in a big way once it hits.

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