How to Make Your Website Memorable

If you want to encourage your target demographic to visit your website routinely, you must ensure it is as memorable as possible.   

By doing so, they will be more likely to buy from your business when in need of your products, services or content.  

If you want to ensure your website remains firmly in your visitors’ minds long after they’ve left the page, read the below top tips on how to make your site memorable.

Choose an Unforgettable Domain Name

According to a recent study, web visitors will interact with a brand between an average of six to eight times before making a purchase.    For this reason, you must ensure you offer an easy-to-remember web domain to encourage repeat visits to your website.  

Aim to keep it short and simple, and possibly use your brand name if it is available.   

For example, people wanting to shop at eBay could find the website in an instant, as they will expect to type in and land on the desired homepage.  

Create a User-Friendly Website

A poor navigation experience and slow load time can make your visitors want to click away from your site.   

To decrease your bounce rate and encourage people to visit multiple landing pages, make it your mission to develop a user-friendly website, which should be easy to navigate and offers a logical flow of links and pages.  

If you provide a confusing menu or a slow page speed, your potential customers will quickly lose interest in your products and will bounce away from your site.  

Aesthetic Appeal

Customers are looking for the best brand on the market. While you should never judge a company’s product and services by their web design, it can be a significant indication of quality and trust.    

To ensure your website is memorable for all the right reasons, you should:

  • Experiment with complementary and contrasting colors (no more than three)
  • Create a sleek, uncluttered appearance with white/negative space
  • Use grids to prevent visual chaos and create a sense of flow
  • Place the most essential web design elements on the top left-hand side of the page (visitors’ eyes scan from left to right)

If you don’t follow the above tips, it’s likely your visitors will want to click away from your site and head elsewhere immediately.  

Professional Photographs

To encourage your visitors to seriously consider buying a product from your site, incorporate high-quality, professional and relevant photographs into your web design.   

By doing so, they will be more likely to save your website to their bookmarks for future reference or may buy an item on-the-spot.   


 To generate a steady flow of traffic, boost your conversion rate and increase your annual profit margin, you must develop a memorable website to encourage customers to turn to your business time and again.   

So, select the right domain name, refine the navigation process, incorporate professional photographs and aim to boost your site’s visual appeal. You are bound to notice a big difference to your organic traffic and sales.


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