Ways to Help Your Team Be More Productive

While productivity is a subjective feature of each individual in your employ, as their manager or employer, you have so many things at your disposal to help them become more productive. With that in mind, here are five reliable techniques that can help your team unlock their full potential and use it to everyone’s benefit.

Limit distractions

The first method you can use to increase productivity in the office is to limit distractions to a minimum. By improving the acoustics in the office, you’ll drastically reduce the noise but you can also equip your team with noise-canceling headphones as assistance. Keeping the office clean and decluttered will ensure that the place is less distracting. Finally, you should provide everyone with enough personal space. The rule of thumb is that everyone should have at least 5 square meters of their personal space.

Interval working

Another thing you can try is interval working. This particular method was developed to help keep your team focused for much longer. You see, continuous work gradually erodes your ability to focus, which is why you need regular breaks in order to recuperate. One such method is the Pomodoro technique which is getting more and more popular in the business world. This is also great for eye care, due to the fact that it helps you abide by the good old 20/20/20 rule. This implies that you should spend at least 20 seconds staring at the object that’s 20 feet away, for every 20 minutes of work.

Ways to Help Your Team Be More Productive

The optimal work environment for everyone

One of the things that’s the hardest to achieve is making sure that everyone is happy with the work environment. In the present-day business world, however, such a thing is easier to achieve than ever before. First, you can allow some people to work from home as telecommuters. This way, you’ll make the office less populous and keep the organization and the morale at its all-time high. Keep in mind, however, that the other way around works as well. If some employees working for your online business express a wish to work in a more traditional work environment, what you should do is help them find a suitable coworking space.

Ways to Help Your Team Be More Productive

Motivate them

When it comes to motivating your employees, there are several fields that you have to cover. First, you need to show them why their work matters in the larger scheme of things. Show them how it benefits the project and the company as a whole. This is especially important for millennials who always fear not being able to make a difference. Even more importantly, you need to show them why this should matter to them, as well. Tell them how this brings them one step closer to their personal goals and you’ll motivate them quite efficiently.

Nurture interpersonal relationships

Another relevant factor in all of this is personal relationships between your staff members and their relationship towards you. Keep in mind that if they care about you as an entrepreneur and hold your opinion of them in high regard, they don’t want to fail you on a personal level. Fear of professional failure has nothing to do with this motivation factor. They also don’t want to fail their coworkers, especially if they’re working on the same project. Finally, great interpersonal relationships make for some of the best work environments.


The very last thing that you need to understand is the fact that being more productive isn’t really the same for every single person out there. Fortunately, all of the above-listed factors affect every person at least to some degree. This means that even if they don’t make a drastic difference, they still make a positive impact.

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