Ways To Change Your Career From Web Design To UX Design

Ways To Change Your Career From Web Design To UX Design
Changing career will not be that hard as it is often thought to it. If you have the right resources for changes, things will turn to flow as smoothly as possible. For most of the web designers, now might be that right time to match switch into UX design scale. 

To just start with this source, there will be a monetary boost, which will come with a change in career. As per the PayScale, US web designers can easily earn an average salary of $46,000 annually. On the other hand, you have UX designers, who get to earn a sizable amount of around $75000. 

Moreover, the job opportunities for the UX designers are currently on the rise. According to the CNN report, there are around 3,426,000 UX designer jobs, which will be only allotted in the USA over the next 10 years. 

On the other hand, UX design is a meaningful job not just because it helps to get work on a product from inside out but also because it makes a significant impact on businesses. 

You have the UX design based businesses, which are outperforming S&P index by around 228%. So, landing for the UX Jobs is a proven career path for those, who want to progress further.

What are UX and UX design?

To start with this procedure, it is mandatory to understand what exactly user experience means. Products mainly have users and UX is simply that experience a user has from using those items. UX design is the promising art of designing products to offer optimum possible user experience over here. 

The nature of UX design is quite broad. Building optimum UX will encompass an understanding of psychology, user research, interaction design and some of the other disciplines. On top of it, this source is an iterative problem-solving procedure. 

What web design and UX design have in common?

The current job title “web designer” has multiple definitions and what the person does is dependent on what the client wants. Some of the web designers can simply create some visual designs and high fidelity interactive prototypes of an online site. 

The coding is for the front end and those back-end developers. Most of the web designers will get involved with front-end development and designing. Some of them will do user research regularly and testing as part of jobs. But, no matter whatever the job entails, there are some aspects of web design which is also found in UX design.


Web designers love to solve problems for their clients. UX designers also love to solve issues for users. Web designers work with a problem-solving procedure. At first, they will find out the issue their clients are facing and then they will design web solution.

After that, they will proceed to develop and then test the website before releasing. After any website is launched, web designers are mainly involved with testing site further, collecting user feedbacks and reiterating on design.

Emotional design:

Whenever designing a website, the web designers will use color, layout, and typography for shaping the emotions of users. It helps in establishing a sense of credibility. For example, with the help of darker colors and serif fonts, you could create a sense of fun with playful typography and colorful imagery. 

On the other hand, web designers are quite familiar with the emotional design, which elicit emotions from users. They are concerned with the emotional design and also eliciting emotions throughout the entire experience of product usage.


Web design is often termed to be multi-disciplinary jobs, where you just not only need knowledge but also skills for developing the website. Some of those designers are associated with an interactive design when they actually code for animations or just interact using CSS or JavaScript. 

UX design, on the other hand, is also multi-disciplinary field but can be supercharged in sense. UX designers mainly have to use knowledge from areas of user research, psychology, visual design and business for creating UX for products.

Enhance your skills to make the jump from web to UX design:

It is a straightforward procedure of moving from web design to UX one, mainly if you are associated with aspects of user research. If you can take some time studying UX and practicing some skills during the web design procedure, then making this change will be an easy one. Even constructing a CV will showcase your understanding of the UX design. Following some points over here might help.

Getting ready for the online courses:

You have Interactive Design Foundation, offering User experience courses. It is mainly determined to be a goldmine of information based on interactive design. It is a non-profit organization, known to charge quite less as the annual fee and can help users get access to online learning and even to largest specialist design community globally.

Another one in this list has to be Course, which is a perfect source for online learning. The courses are mainly developed by leading experts in the field of UX. You might have to pay a basic fee to get hold of tis source.

Udemy is here to offer huge course selections in every subject possible and UX plays a major role around here. It is mainly a platform for broker of training, as created by people globally.

Classroom courses:

In case you are planning for the classroom courses, you can stick with some of the big names in this country. They are able to offer high quality and reliable learning experience. 

One such name has to be the Nielsen Norman Group, which is one of the best-known consultancies on UX. They offer wide ranges of classroom courses at multiple locations. You can also try your hand on Cooper, which is a respected name in the classroom-based training program.

Other sources for you:

Apart from online and classroom courses, the web designers can enroll for the university courses too for gaining some knowledge in this regard. If that wasn’t enough, they can try out for networking. Here, they have to join some of the reputed UX design groups for gaining knowledge and presenting some.


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