Ways in which You Can Make Money with Your Used Clothes

Ways in which You Can Make Money with Your Used Clothes

I am yet to come across a person who says that they do not like making money. In fact, we’d search for every possible opportunity to earn extra. So that we can enjoy a luxurious holiday with friends. Or purchase the Chloe bag we had our eyes on for so long. A common saying is that money is not everything. I disagree. It is significant if it’s not everything.

And I wish to be rich enough to comment that all this money could not buy me happiness. Jokes apart, today’s blog is a guide for you all to earn some money. Also you can earn money by your used Khaadi clothes. But before that here are a couple of tips you would want to follow if you are planning to sell your used clothes online.


If you haven’t considered reorganizing your closet lately, now is the time to do so. Because before you put your clothes on sale, you want to be clear as to what stays. And what goes. And that will only happen if you yourself know what all you have. So, first things first. Reorganize your closet and categorize all your clothes into the following:

  • Neither sell nor wear
  • Aren’t sellable but wearable
  • Wearable and sellable
  • Keepers

Once you are done with all the sorting, it is time to market.

Become a Photographer

Even if you aren’t one, become one. If you do not own a good quality camera, borrow one. And take good-quality pictures of your clothes. Play around. This will create an interest among people to buy your used clothes. Therefore, you will need to attract them with visuals and high-quality photos. Moreover, make sure you take pictures from multiple angles. Because the buyer would demand that.

Be Realistic!

People do buy used clothes online. But they are not fools and they won’t buy anything that seems too pricey. So, set reasonable prices. Don’t go too overboard with the prices. In case you are wondering, apply the one-third rule when you are determining the prices. However, if you have not worn your dress that often and it is still close to its original condition, you can price it a bit higher.

Description and Labels

You have to provide an ample of them. Because the buyers want a lot of details about the clothes they are about to purchase . The description should include the condition of the clothes as they want to see if it’s worth spending the money that they are about to. So be very thorough when you provide a description of your clothes.

Choose the Selling Platform

eCommerce has been on a rise since the past couple of years. And this acts to your disadvantage as well.Talking about the clothes there are weddings are the perfect platform. As, you know there are wedding photographers and the clothes for weddings are just used for photo shoot. So, you can sell these clothes.Because there are a plethora of websites that you will have to choose from to sell your items. Even the social media websites have joined the fray. Among the famous websites that you can choose from include:

  • Linda’s stuff

Now there are ways by which you can make money from your closet in case you do not want to opt for the online platform.

Yard Sale

Hold a yard sale. It is a very popular idea to hold yard sales and sell the items you wish to. However, it is not like displaying your used furniture. Selling used clothes will ask you to go through some extra steps like clean your clothes. And make them wrinkle-free. Because you want your clothes to look presentable. Wrinkles don’t make them look like it. Think of yourself as a retail store manager. And categorize your clothing items. For example, display all the tops ion one place and the trousers in another place. This will make it easier for the buyers as well.


Well, it may seem that you won’t make money if you opt for a donation. You are right. You won’t. But hey, here’s the catch. You can always claim a tax write-off at the end of a year. This is on top of you getting a good feeling that you did something for the society. You will feel good that you were a part of a noble cause.


This can help you in a way that you won’t have to spend on buying a new piece of clothing for yourself. You can either hold a swap party or resort to an online swapping network. For the former, you will have to tell the attendees a month in advance so that they get a chance to search through their closets. And on the day you can display all your items in a yard or room. However, if you do not have time for this, consider opting for the online platforms. Examples of some famous ones are and But in case you are up for some community work, you can donate to an organization.

Help Thy Planet

If you find that you are left with extra clothes that you want to give away even after all the decluttering, donate them to a local recycler. Organizations like Planet Aid have drop-off bins outside various places like grocery stores. You can always drop your used clothes there. Or else you can search for non-profit organizations who recycle used clothes. You will be surprised to know that there are many operating in your area. So, donate and feel good about yourself.

However, the options are not limited to the ones mentioned above. But these are the most feasible and popular ways to put your used clothes to use. Or make money.


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