Easy Ways to Help You Deal With Google Penalties

If you want to run a perfect website without facing any Google penalty, then it is your responsibility to follow the algorithm of Google. Due to manual action, you will experience a reduction in the traffic, revenue, and visibility. Currently, if you want to deal with past penalties, then the individual has to take the assistance of SEO expert. Most of the people are penalized for violating the Guidelines of Google.

According to professionals, more than 40000 actions have been initiated each month by Google. Most people are updating thousands of backlinks on a regular basis. That’s why they are facing complicated issues.  

If you are posting links on a low-quality website, then it is a bad signal for your website. All you need to index backlinks in an accurate manner to make sure that you are choosing the perfect domain authority. If you want to avoid the Google penalties, then you should read the following paragraphs carefully.  


  Most of the people are facing penalties due to the algorithm. Penguin and panda both are a main part of the algorithm. It is a particular set of rules and regulations. Therefore, it is recommended that you have to post quality content only. Most of the people are using a black hat technique that’s why they are receiving penalties. Just in case, if Google penapenalizes, then you will receive a particular manual report from Google. All you need to fix the violation, after that, you have to explain the problems to Google.

Cloaking and Sneaky

  Cloaking is one of the most important acts which is showing the different type of pages to users. Sneaky will automatically redirect to the different page. Both are really dangerous methods and violate the guidelines of Google’s. You will always receive penalties in the two different forms such as-

  • Site-wide matches

It is a really complicated penalty that will affect the whole website. It will automatically reduce the engagement and reach of the website

  • Partial matches

It will affect the different portion of your official website.  

How to fix partial matches?

  If you want to fix the partial matches penalty, then you need to follow some forthcoming steps such as-

  • All you need to navigate the console carefully and then tap on the crawl. After that, you should fetch the particular affected portion of the website
  • Afterward, you should compare the content with the other website which is fetched by Google.
  • One needs to check the redirects and remove the redirects from the official website. After fixing everything, it is your responsibility to submit the reconsideration request. It is a little bit time-consuming process, but you can easily fix your website.

Cloaked images

  It is another penalty that will damage your website. It means Google will restrict your content so that it will affect the whole website. Most of the people don’t have much knowledge that’s why they are sharing plagiarised content on the official website.


Stuffing of the keyword

  Nowadays, every person wants to improve the ranking of the official website. That’s why they are making the use of shortcut techniques such as hidden text or stuffing of the keyword. Most of the people are using CSS style or another position that will able to hide their keyword. Therefore, if you are getting any penalty duet to keyword stuffing, then it is recommended that you should change the CSS style and repeated words.

If possible, then you should remove the keyword stuffing articles from the website. Don’t be confused; you have to remove hidden text and dropdowns from the official website. Still, if you aren’t removing the keyword, then Google will directly block your website from the search engine.   

Free web hosting 

  Most of the people are choosing free web hosting; actually, they want to save some additional costs. According to professionals, free web hosting is always associated with some sort of spammy ads which are destroying the reputation of the official website. Therefore, you should always choose premium services. Otherwise, Google will penalise your website for the ads.  

After that, you have to follow the rich snippets which are really essential for every user. Most of the people are sharing irrelevant and misleading content which is reducing the ranking of the official website. Therefore, it is recommended that you should update the mark-up and remove fake mark-up from the website. Overall, it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines and perfect rich snippets of the website.

Don’t use any shallow page

  Make sure that you are using high-quality pages only. If you are using shallow pages, then Google will penalise your official website. The individual has to avoid the use of the following things such as-  

· If you are using spun or auto-generated contents, then it will automatically reduce the rank of the official website.  

· Don’t use any affiliated page and add some unique details on the website  

Moving Further, if you have already posted spun content on the official website, then it is recommended that you should remove the auto-generated content instantly. If you want to know more about penalties, then you should make contact with SEO Adelaide and grab an instant solution.  

Low-quality backlinks

  Due to Low-quality Backlinks, Google will penalise your website. All you need to make the use of high-quality links only that can improve the ranking of an official website. If the owner of the website is using spun content, then Google will directly ban your website. Therefore, it is recommended that you should choose a relevant niche for your website. According to professionals, Google is providing a lot of value to the relevant and top-notch quality content. For example, if you are ruining a commercial website, then you should always update relevant content to the website.  

Final verdict

  Lastly, 95% of the users are getting penalties due to the poor selection of websites and backlinks. If you are serious about your website, then you should always make use of high-quality content only. 


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