Different Ways to Display Your House Plants

One way to decorate your indoor space is with house plants. They can purify the air and can add to the aesthetic look of your home, especially if displayed in some unique way. So, if you are looking for an idea of how to display your house plants, keep on reading to find some of the best ones for inspiration.


Display them on wall shelves

Placing your favorite green plants on wall shelves is not only a way to display but also a way to decorate the empty walls. You can choose plain or some shelves with unique design. Or maybe you can do the same for the pots, whether pick the same size and color, or maybe go for colorful ones and make them more eye-catching.

Hanging planters

In case you don’t want to add shelves, you can simply add hooks on the wall and hang some planters. You can find hanging planters in versatile designs or if you are a DIY love you can easily make some out of mason jars and hang them with some rope or chain.

Place them on a wooden ladder

One way to repurpose a wooden ladder is to use as a stand for the pots. The ladder can be easily moved, so you can place it wherever you like in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway etc.

Place them on the kitchen countertop

If you have some extra space on the kitchen countertop, you can use it to display some plants. These can be even some herbs, so that you can have them on hand when preparing some tasty recipes. Arrange them on a plain tray or maybe on a tiered one if you have more.

Windowsill planters

And of course, plants require good amount of natural light, so displaying them by the window is the best you can do. Place them on the windowsill, or maybe set a plants stand there to display several of them. You may even choose to hang them.

Plants are just one of the many decorations you can use to beautify your home and the above ideas are some of the many possible of how you can display them. No matter which one of them you choose, you should make sure that the plants can get the needed amount of sunlight, so that they can grow well and last longer.


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