‘Waterlily’ Recharges Your Gadgets with Water, Wind or Human power While Enjoying the Outdoors!

There was a drastic increase in energy demand and consumption in last decade due to growth in population and quick improvement in the lifestyle of people across the world.

It leads to more exploitation of mineral natural resources, leading to deficiency of energy resources in future. The Sunlight, Wind and Water are the major renewable energy sources that came to the rescue.

In fact, our dependence on the electronic gadgets that we use every day is not about to change, but the technology we use to keep them powered up is evolving rapidly with the passage of time.

The Waterlily (Images credit: Seaformatics)

Energy harvesting with breakthrough technology that uses the renewable energy sources will get major attention in future.

For adventurers, any outdoor activity where they need to bring a little extra power to charge up their devices, without a vehicle, batteries and battery packs are a superior option to solar panels, stoves, or any other power generator that runs on sun, fire, wind, or water. 
Now, a tiny and portable ‘Waterlily’ turbine, is being developed by a Canadian start-up company, Seaformatics, is a small than most off-grid power generators.

Seaformatics Systems Inc designs and manufacturers power harvesting and wireless communication product for the ocean monitoring industry.

How much charging time required for water and wind energy (Source: Seaformatics)

The Waterlily is a hybrid renewable energy sources for all your outdoor power needs which charges USB devices from moving water, the wind, or by human-powered! 

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A versatile turbine can generate power from water currents and wind, with peak efficiency at 4.5 mph water currents and 45 mph winds.

It can also tow behind a watercraft, canoe or kayak to harvest energy; the company also plans to manual charge using a hand crank for when there is neither water nor wind available. 

It weighs only 1.8 pounds, 7 inches in diameter and the maximum power output of 5A (25 watts). 

The miniaturised turbine technology of the Waterlily helps hikers, campers, paddlers and cyclists, can utilise the patent-pending, low-speed turbine while enjoying the outdoors. (Source: Waterlily Turbine)


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