How Can a VPN Service Safeguard Your Privacy Online at all Times?

How can a VPN service safeguard your privacy online at all times?

Is your ISP snooping on you? Is your data safe on the shared Wi-Fi network? Is a hacker following your internet whereabouts? These are predominant threats all internet users face daily.   

When you are running a small business or working on the company accounts, the risks become more acute due to the sensitive nature of the information you are handling. In the last couple of years, several leading multi-million-dollar conglomerates have faced data loss threats and succumbed to the loss of millions of dollars due to repeated hacking attacks.   

Companies like Uber and Under Armour have faced lawsuits from users, and investors in the last year due to successive data breaches.   

By the end of 2018, almost 86% of internet users will have taken the necessary steps to alleviate these threats. The internet users are becoming smarter than before with each passing day.   

They are trying to eliminate their digital footprints, safeguard their bank details and card information, and they want to make browsing the web a safer experience for all of them. However, they don’t always have the latest technology to help address their privacy concerns.   

They require reliable tools that will improve their security while they browse on open network connections from multiple devices.   

How does VPN protect you and your data from hacks?

One of the first things the web users do is appoint a password manager to hide their passwords from the potential hacking threats. This kind of a tool can help you use strong passwords for each one of your accounts. It provides a significant degree of protection from brute force attacks.   

One of the easiest ways to avoid such threats is to opt for long passwords with a combination of alpha-numeric characters and special characters. Nonetheless, it is not a foolproof method for those, who have to use the web for everyday financial transactions, sending sensitive company data to multiple parties or visit the deep web for crypto mining activities or game cheat codes. What they need is a comprehensive tool – the VPN.   

VPN or the virtual private network is the online protection you need if you want to keep your activities anonymous. When you are online, not using a VPN will leave you vulnerable to a plethora of attacks.   

Think of it as driving down an accident-proneroad and chancing upon a private tunnel that will get you across to the destination safe and secure. The VPN is that private tunnel that will enable you to send your data across to the relevant party safely without any third-party intervention.   

When you are using a VPN to connect to the internet, the VPN encrypts your data and directs it through the channel. At the same time, the service masks your IP address by changing it.   

Therefore, if you pick a VPN provider that is popular in countries other than your own, you can effectively conceal your location. Visit to learn more about the different ways this tool can help you keep your online presence safe.   

Who uses VPN?

There are times when people use VPN to access social media sites and cloud streaming platforms. Iran, China, and Bangladesh have repeatedly either monitored or banned the access of their residents to Facebook and similar social networking sites.   

However, people have found ways through the use of VPN services to voice their opinions in the media. Netflix users from Malaysia frequently use VPN to access the site. The same is true for users from our countries where certain shows and content of specific cloud streaming platforms are unavailable.    YouTube users from various countries use VPN services to access location-sensitive content on the site regularly. VPN brings freedom of access and, in a sense, spearheads the globalization process in the real sense.  

Your need for a VPN service can be completely different from someone else’s. You might need it because you want to add an extra layer of security to your online existence and activities.    While it may be a regular need depending on your field of work, it might be a temporary necessity in case you are traveling abroad. Sometimes, using open Wi-Fi networks of hotels and cafes can put your data at risk.   

Whether it is your email or the company’s financial papers, you should think about a virtual private network service provider before you pack your bags for a long holiday. A robust VPN can even help you scale the Great Firewall of China and access social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.  

Why do you need a VPN?

While getting a VPN connection, you don’t always have to deliberate on the country’s socio-political scenario. Let us make the decision a bit simple for you.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before considering a VPN service –  

i. Is your ISP reliable enough? Do you trust them completely to protect your security and privacy?  

ii. Are you sure that they will protect your data and they will prevent third-party access to it?  

iii. Are you certain your ISP will NOT be sharing your personal data, and browsing habits with government agencies and third-party advertisers?  

If the answer to any of these three questions is a “no,” then you need to consider getting a reliable and reputed VPN service for yourself.   Using a VPN has become a lot easier than it was before. Even school-goers are using VPN service for accessing their favorite shows on cloud platforms and viewing funny videos on YouTube.   

You do not need a computer degree to be comfortable with a VPN application. Lightweight VPN apps are ideal for tech-savvy people, and it can be as simple as clicking a single button. Some VPN providers give standalone software services to the beginners, who know little about cybersecurity and hacking threats.   

It is as simple as installing any other e-commerce app or battery monitoring app on your phone or laptop. Just download the launcher your registered VPN service provider gives you, create a strong password for your account and log in every time you need to browse safely.  

Why do computer experts require VPN as well?

Apart from protecting your identity, and privacy, a VPN can also help you download expensive eBooks via BitTorrent and similar peer-to-peer platforms. It provides you with much necessary protection from the snoopy ISPs that frown upon their users accessing such sites.   

If you have the know-how, you can always set up a personal VPN server. As you may already know, the current VPN servers are compatible with most Windows versions, and Linux.    The threat of data breach is somewhat less for those in iOS devices, but data leak does not always involve hacking physical storage. It can also stem from the hijack of data as it travels from one user to another, through a “secure” mail system.  

As web users have finally begun to care about the safety of their data and their data privacy, there has been a significant rise in the number of VPN service providers. The increasing availability of VPN services online is also making it a lot easier than before for users to choose safe browsing options.    In the era of the abortion of net neutrality and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is only fair that you want complete security from all sorts of data threats. In the last two years, the incidences of data breaches have increased by over 75%.   

It is high time for taking charge of your security and privacy by opting for a service that is trustworthy and reliable. Although VPN does not make you completely anonymous on the web, it does its fair share to cover your tracks and obliterate your geographical location for the snoopers.   

How to begin looking for the right VPN service provider?

Finding the right VPN service provider that meets all your security needs can be a little tricky as the number of companies providing similar services is increasing by the day. Many of them use fancy terms and lucrative offers to lure customers in.    While not all of them are out to dupe the unsuspecting user, many of them rarely deliver what they promise. So you must pick a VPN with a long history of uninterrupted services.   

Most importantly, verify their claims of privacy. If they insist that they do not divulge their client’s data and details to third-parties including the government agencies, it is your responsibility to look up any possible record in their name on the web.   

Always remember to weigh two or more options before picking one company. Selecting a VPN is not very different from choosing any service provider in the market. It is a competitive sector, so the prices for enterprise packages are frequently negotiable.   

You can negotiate personal use package prices as well with some tact. Begin by comparing the services against the costs of the services available to you right now.   

Shortlist the VPN providers that are ready to commit to complete safeguarding of the data along with the protecting your identity by masking your IP address at all times.


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