Technology For Visually Impaired | Zahra Abu Daluo Invented a Safe Guide Device for her Daily Life

Visually impairment is just a mental state which doesn’t stop you to think beyond capability of a normal person. Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological and/or neurological factors.
People who are blind or visually impaired have invented many devices or techniques in past that allowed them to complete daily activities using their remaining senses. 
In the past decade, voice-to-text software has dramatically changed the lives of the visually impaired. There are software programs that read text aloud, and most consumer hardware devices such as smartphones and tablets come equipped with software that can answer questions or provide small bits of information.
Technology for the blind visually impaired, Student Zahra Abu Daluo Invented a Safe Guide Device for her Daily Life
Zahra Abu Dalou (Image source: Rana Husseini / Jordan Times)

Recently they have created accessible technology such as screen reading software enables visually impaired people to use mainstream computer applications including the Internet.

We should also thank educators who always testing out new ways to bring creativity to the classroom. So many teachers harness the power of innovation in their learning communities to bring their students the magic of invention.
Now, a visually impaired student Zahra Abu Dalou aged just 11 years has invented a device that acts as a ‘safe guide’ for her daily life. It’s a technology for visually impaired students and could help them many ways.
She studies at the Royal Academy for the Blind (RAB), spends most of her day at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Lab which was funded by USAID, opened last year. She tries to invent devices that would ease up her life, reports The Jordan Times.
technology for the blind visually impaired
technology for the blind visually impaired
Students at RAB (Images Source: Reuters)
After working over a year, she enjoys spending time for creative ideas and gets to work on electronic devices all the time. Her device, comprises of many electronic circuits, provide a safe guide while at home. She uses device for multipurpose that includes electricity currents at various rooms.
She wants to show her device to their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania who visited the RAB recently. Many projects of STEM Laboratory were shown to their Majesties during their visit. 
According to teacher of Abu Dalou, she always thinks about new ideas and wants to invent devices that help society as a whole. She has big capabilities such as understanding the subjects quickly and imagining what she is studying. 
The teacher expects, Zahra has a bright future ahead and she will most probably grow up to be a great inventor in Jordan.


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