Vietnamese Student Invents a Solar Powered Flood Warning System, Operates from Smartphone and Website

Nearly 70% of all disasters occurring in the world are related to hydro-meteorological and flooding-related disasters that affect most people, according to the World Meteorological Organization.  

The most common reasons for flooding are, excessive rain when rivers overflow their banks, the damaged dam, rapid ice melting in the mountains that cause the disastrous effect on the land that’s normally dry, while coastal area flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the ocean to surge inland.  

Flood Warning System

Flood forecast and warning help in people’s preparedness for averting likely damage of life and properties due to the actual arrival of the flood.  

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Image credit: Vietnamnet  

The researchers have invented many devices in past that act as an Early Warning System (EWS), and its evolution started around 2 to 3 decades ago, the early 1970s and 1980s to tackle droughts in the West African region.  

Subsequently, EWS is been used in many areas as a critical solution to save lives and the ecosystem.  

Now, Nguyen Huynh Nhat Thuong, a student of the Da Nang University of Technology, Vietnam has invented an early warning system to alert floods after yearlong efforts and creativity, and his invention won the first prize at the 2016 Science and Technology Student competition, reports Vietnamnet.  

How does his innovative system work?  

The warning system consists of three components – rainfall measuring stations (located 10 kilometers from each other), a server and radio station, placed near any major waterway or body of water, gives the critical data that will help people to get an early sign of flood and saves their lives.  

It measures rainfall in the hillside areas and transmits the information to the server before the flood’s actual arrival.   Using the radio frequency, the rainfall measuring stations will be connected to a network and one station is situated in the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) coverage.  

The ‘bridge in space’ telecommunication technology is used to send or receive information and the data from other stations is transmitted to the server.  

The warning system sends a text message (SMS) to the manager as well as displays a message on the website, in case rainfall exceeds the allowable limit.  

It helps people to respond quickly against natural calamities by evacuating from these flood locations, saving their life and properties.  

The loudspeaker system will also broadcast a warning message to other parts of the flood area.  

An attractive feature of this device – it is a solar-powered solution and the radio frequency enabled rainfall measuring stations can be placed in areas where there are no 2G/3G/4G waves.  

He plans to test this solar-powered early warning system in the Vu Gia – Thu Bon Rivers of Quang Nam province with the help of his school and some agencies.   Congrats Nguyen Huynh Nhat Thuong for his truly commendable invention, that has many appeals, such as social, renewable energy, and eco-friendly technology!


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