Top Vegan Products Every Non Vegetarian Should Try in 2019

A well-balanced and nutritionally complete vegan diet can be a good alternative for you and the environment.  These days vegan products UK is increasingly popular, it is easier to find vegan products in any supermarket. The hard part is that they are healthy.  

We are going to talk about some plastic free products UK that are sold today in almost any supermarket and that seems very attractive for vegan people.  

Common vegan products in the supermarket

Some of these products are certainly interesting, and it is enough that we know how to choose between so much offer, and others are not recommended in any case. Do not get lost!  

Packaged Gazpacho

By the composition of the recipe itself, it is a product that is always vegan. For a few years, the consumption of packaged gazpacho has been popularized.

In principle, it is a crushed vegetable, which seems difficult to be labeled as insane. However, its nutritional quality can be very variable from one brand to another, mainly for two reasons: the type of fat used and the amount of salt.               

We should choose gazpachos whose only added fat was extra virgin olive oil, and not dried olive oil. For this, it is enough to review the list of ingredients to make sure. In addition, it should not contain anything other than the typical vegetables of the recipe, the aforementioned EVOO, vinegar and salt.   

Keep in mind these points if you are consumers of packaged gazpachos, and you will make sure you make a good choice. Although of course, it will always be preferable to do it at home.  


Packaged hummus is another of those products that did not exist very recently and today they manufacture several brands and they are sold in any vegan online shop, even with varieties of different flavors. And it is also a recipe that is vegan per se.   

The truth is that in the case of hummus it is much more difficult to find it made exclusively with extra virgin olive oil, not even just with olive oil. Most of the times it takes sunflower oil, rapeseed or nabbing or even palm. So in this case, that only olive, even if refined, is the least bad option.   

It is also important that it does not carry starches, or an excess of additives. Ideally, the list of ingredients only contains chickpeas, olive oil, tahini or sesame, lemon, and salt. Or at the most some other spice like paprika, or if it is a hummus of some flavor, the necessary ingredient (peppers, olives …)  

Sausages and vegetable burgers

For a while now, traditional brands of meat products have begun to develop vegan “sausage” lines, and they are already on sale in several supermarket chains.  

They are not usually healthy products, and we delve into it in this article where you can read the reasons, as well as what to choose to choose well:  

A necessary point is to point out that some of these products, although they do not carry meat, do carry eggs or some derivative thereof so they could be considered vegetarians, but not vegans.  

Vegan cakes and ice cream

This is a booming product sector especially that of vegan ice cream. Every summer there are more brands that make vegan references to this sweet, including white brands, or that expand the offer compared to the previous season.   

In this case, at the nutritional level, the indications are the same as for any ice cream or any bun: they are products to avoid or reduce to the maximum because of their high content of sugars and often also in bad quality fat and refined flours in the case of the pastry.  

It is easy to prepare healthy vegan ice cream at home, based on frozen fruit. I encourage you to try a recipe this summer!


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