A Van Campaign In India To Promote Businesses In Local Markets!

Every business needs attention in the market. There are many ways to grab attention, but none of them would probably compare to the van campaign. Imagine a mobile van moving around the city with an eye-catching billboard. It is likely to catch every eye on the road. 

The brand in the ad gets all the attention it deserves. Now consider your position as a brand owner or advertiser. Advertising can help you build brand recognition.

You can use a mobile van to introduce a new product to your target area. You could even advertise sales.

The advantage of a van campaign is that you may select the locations where you wish to promote your products or services.

Van Campaign has the following advantages

It creates several communication channels.

The van campaign is not just about the hoardings that people see on the vans. It offers ways of interacting with your target audience. You can use mobile vans to distribute flyers in targeted locations.

The advertising team in the van can give demos of your products. They can give away free models or discount vouchers to your target audience. 

They could even sell your products. If you are creative enough, you could run a few exciting competitions to engage with your audience. 

The Van campaign can also help you build strong relationships with your audience. This could take you a long way towards boosting brand loyalty and establishing trust in your brand. 

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You Can Create a Direct Interaction With Your Audience.

  • It allows you to communicate directly with your audience.
  • They appreciate that the business is trying to get in touch with them.
  • They consider these brands well-known and successful.
  • This can also be an advantage for new and small businesses.

It Offers Maximum Visibility.

The kind of reach that a van campaign can offer is incredible. Mobile vans can move across commercial as well as residential areas. Your ad would be viewed by people of all age groups and levels. 

The daily average distance a van can go is between 40 and 50 kilometers. Therefore, think of how many regions you could cover in a month. In actuality, you might go through each of these topics more than once.

It Takes Your Brand Everywhere.

A van campaign tracks your brand wherever it goes, unlike static hoarding. Therefore, it is up to you to reach out to your prospects rather than expect them to come to you. 

Mobile vans are small enough to fit into any space. They can also be parked in prominent areas to maximize visibility.

Mobile vans can be an advantage to residents who are left waiting at traffic junctions. Additionally, they offer just the content you want your audience to read.

It Is Affordable.

Hoardings in desirable locations could set you back a fortune. Mobile vans, however, can travel through the same areas without paying prime rates. 

Typically, a van campaign requires monthly costs. The price is decided upon after taking into account the van’s travel distance. However, this option would be highly affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Does The Van Campaign Cost a Lot?

Van campaign rates vary; it depends on the type of marketing you want and the area it covers. The general range goes from $30 per van, from the cheapest form of van and advertising to $3000 per van, the most expensive one.

The average market price of a van for rent in India is Rs. 5,200/Sq. Ft.


If you want to see van advertising for your brand, you are at the right place to search for information, not to buy formation. Brand promotion becomes necessary every time you reach out to a large audience.

Advertising in a van is now a necessity for every brand to imagine reaching out to the audience for a longer time. Yeah! Of course, it has a major impact on your business and sales.

Branding is an excellent opportunity in the van when we talk about advertising to a larger audience. The idea of van advertising will help the brand reach a wider audience and is a brilliant opportunity for advertisers to promote their brands.

Cynor Media is the best van advertising agency that provides all outdoor advertising services. Make your product or service stand out from the crowd and procure outstanding results.

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