Vaayu – India’s First Patented Hybrid Cooling Machine Which Saves up to 10 times of Electricity as Compared to Air conditioners

With a simple idea of installing compressor in cooler, a Indore based couple, has come up with ‘Swadeshi air-conditioner’ which works on the principle of cooler and yet has the cooling effect of an air-conditioner which could save up to 90% of the cost!

It’s the world’s first cooling machine which comes with unique technology of blending the traditional coolers with compressor.
About Inventors
Priyanka, Pranav’s wife, did most of her post-graduation studies after marriage. Pranav – a commerce graduate with a diploma in HVAC (heating, venting and air-conditioning) – worked as a product manager in multinational companies such as Carrier, Samsung and LG for almost 14 years. 
But being a technology-curious person, he started his own venture of commercial AC sales and service in 2008, and commissioned many noted projects in Madhya Pradesh. Priyanka, in the meantime, acquired an MBA in Marketing (Prestige Institute Indore) and PhD in Management (Devi Ahilya University) and apart from writing research papers, had begun giving lectures in various institutes in Indore.
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Launching of Vaayu by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Images credit: Vaayu)
The following are the silent features of this innovative eco-friendly product.
• It saves upto 10 times of electricity as compared to Air Conditioners which helps in improving the environment.
• It gives comfort similar to AC as it maintains humidity level, continuous flow of fresh air and cool temperature.

• The patented technology can cool down the ambient temperature of around 30 to 42 degree centigrade to 18 to 24 degree of centigrade.
• It keeps indoor air quality better as it uses fresh to chill the inside air.
• It’s eco-friendly as it doesn’t use dangerous chemicals or gases which harm the environment. It has no CFC, high EER, biodegradable and a green product!
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A commercial comparision of Vaayu v/s Traditional AC  (Source: Vaayu)
How does it work?
As per mentioned in their site, the compressor starts and the refrigerant flows in the cooling coil to chill the water as soon as the power is switched on. 
Chilled water gets circulated on the pads of the machine by pumps. Outside hot air comes in contact with chilled water; the molecules present in the hot air loose the temperature and become chilled.
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Inauguration of First Vaayu Experience [email protected] Prayas Enterprises, Indore
Thermostat helps to put the compressor on and off as per the requirement of the water temperature to be maintained and prevents the compressor from overheating. Condenser cools down the refrigerant and helps in dehumidification of excess RH to control the humidity level.
Chilled air is pushed inside the area where the unit is installed through a fan of the machine. 
There are three variant of residential application – Vaayu Classic, Vaayu Confort and Vaayu Smart and MIG 24 is available for Industrial use. 
Vaayu recently won the Mega Launchpad – an event co-sponsored by YourStory Media. And their latest award is the Skoch Order of Merit and Skoch Best SME of India Award at the Constitution Club of India in Mumbai held recently. In addition, they are one of the top five startups chosen by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the Prime Minister’s dream project ‘Start up India Stand Up India’. (Source: Vaayu India)


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