How to Use Soldering Station Effectively?


You need to take good care to have your gear organized in one place. A BestOfMachinery iron for working with solder is an essential part of your toolkit. You will need to learn how to use it efficiently and safely within your workstation.

Soldering stations are substantial investments. With the rise in demand for soldering stations, the availability of soldering stations in India has also increased. As the soldering station is becoming more and more affordable, it is important to know a few things to use a soldering station properly. Here are some tips to solder effectively.   

Soldering has gained popularity as an artwork hobby. There has been a significant rise in the availability of sophisticated soldering irons and more recently, soldering stations across markets in India.  

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Designed for use with electronic grade flux, soldering stations are usually used for more intricate artwork projects. Further, because soldering stations come with accessories to regulate the flow of solder evenly, using them allows for a significantly more even finish.   

In Indian markets, soldering stations are priced very reasonably and easily available for lower prices online. Here’s how to use a soldering station effectively:  

1. Preserving the iron  

As soldering equipment is made in part out of iron; one of the most important things to see to is that it is kept properly tinned. Soldering stations come with a special sponge that is to be used to cool the solder tip.   

The sponge should be carefully moistened and the solder tip should be gently brushed to keep it clean. The sponge should not be too wet, nor should the tip be scrubbed by force, as this would damage the soldering iron.  

2. Tinning the iron  

The first step to using the soldering station is to tin the tip of the soldering iron. For this, a little bit of solder needs to be applied to the tip of the iron. Once the solder has covered the surface of the soldering iron’s tip, the sponge needs to be used to wipe out the excess solder. With this, the iron is ready for soldering.   

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3. Temperature  

For light soldering work like artwork, the temperature needs to be set at a point that allows for the solder to melt quickly when the tip is brought to it. Once the solder has melted, there should be some amount of solder left on the tip to begin.  

It is best to turn the soldering station on and allow the temperature of the soldering iron to stabilize for a few minutes before beginning the soldering process.   

4. Applying the solder  

The solder needs to be applied both, to the tip of the solder as well as the joint. This way, with the right temperature, the solder will flow smoothly without any bumps over the surface.   

After each surface is soldered, the tip should be gently and quickly wiped with the sponge. This way the tip remains clean and smooth. 

5. Constant cleaning of the tip  

The tip of the soldering iron should be wiped every time a surface has been soldered. Further, it is important to remember that when the soldering is interrupted, the tip should be wiped clean to prevent rusting of the tip.   

6. Constant attention  

The solder station should not be left unattended for more than a few minutes, as this could result in risks of hazard. Not only could it pose risk to one’s health, but also can be detrimental to the solder station.


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