Top USB Type C Hard Drives for Your Mac

Top USB Type C Hard Drives for Your Mac

Most of the Mac devices now have the USB type C interface. All Mac users know that Apple is one of the earliest adopters in terms of technology. You need to save a number of important things in your device, and instead of using up all the memory of your Mac; you can opt for a type C hard drive for your device.

However, before purchasing one, you need to know about the best ones that are currently ruling the market and are being preferred by the majority of the Mac users.   

Given below is a list of the USB Type C hard drives that you can consider if you are deciding to purchase one.   

G-Technology G-Drive USB-C Portable Drive  

This is one of the most affordable type C hard drives, which are currently ruling the market. This hard drive comes with a beautiful aluminum body. Along with the 7200 rotations per minute, it is known to work with the Time Machine along with the plug-and-play setup on your Mac operating system.   

A great advantage of using this hard drive is that if you want, you can also reformat it for your Windows. Furthermore, you can afford it easily as it is not very costly.   

SanDisk Extreme 510 USB-C Portable  

SanDisk Extreme is the ideal USB type C hard drive as it ticks all the necessary boxes. It is small and compact and is pocket-able. Moreover, it comes along with a tiny hook, which allows you to hang it on your bag if you want to carry it anywhere. The drive has a water-resistant body and its rugged terrain makes it more durable in comparison to the other hard drives that are available.   

This drive is not only about the functions and looks, but it is also about the read speed of 430MB/s and a write speed of 400MB/s, which is undoubtedly a perfect combination. Purchase this hard drive if you are looking forward to a great combination in terms of durability as well as performance.  

G-Technology G-Drive Slim SSD Drive USB-C  

It not only has an extremely fast USB-C interface but it is also known for the super-fast and amazing SSD technology that it has. You will get an ultra-smooth performance with this USB type C hard drive.   

The device does not compromise with the size as well, and you can choose between the 500GB or 1TB version, according to the needs that you have. The hard drive that has a storage capacity of 1TB is more durable. However, you can purchase the one that you feel is more apt for the needs that you have.   

LaCie Rugged USB-C Mobile Hard Drive  

You can choose the LaCie USB-C hard drive as it is rugged and provides a great level of durability. In accordance with your needs, you can purchase the 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB one.   

If you are traveling on a daily basis with your hard drive, you should go for this one as it can remain safe from bumps and unwanted knocks.   


USB-C is the future and almost all the devices are now coming with the type C interface. Therefore, you should get a USB-C hard drive to keep your device free from all the data that you need to store. 


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