How to Unlock SIM Network from Any Samsung Galaxy Devices Free

For Samsung Galaxy users, one of the biggest problems they face is when they find that their phone is blocked by the SIM to any network. However, you can buy an expensive phone at a subsidized price. However, this implies certain limitations, since it can be more expensive in the long term when it is not possible to use the SIM in other networks while you are in roaming mode. In this guide, we will discuss 3 of the best ways to Unlock SIM Network Samsung Devices. When it is easy to achieve Unlock the SIM of the Samsung Galaxy Free in latest models, it is very difficult in old models’ models so you end up giving the phone to your family or a friend.  

1. Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Free SIM with the Network ProviderRequest a Code Unlock to your Network Provider  

After completing the company’s applications, they will provide a unique code to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Free SIM. Generally, you will have to make the full payment of the telephone and you will have to use the services of the same company for three months.  

If you complete all the requirements and tell them that you are going abroad and that you want to buy a local SIM in the destination, the companies will definitely provide you with a Samsung Galaxy SIM Unlock code. You could try one of the other methods if they do not provide you with the code.  

Insert new SIM  

After having the code to unlock the Samsung Galaxy SIM for free, turn off your Galaxy, remove the old SIM, and replace it with a new SIM from another company.  

Turn on your Samsung Galaxy  

When your device establishes a connection to a new network, it will request an unlock code.  

Enter the code correctly  

Be sure to place the exact code. If the code is not placed correctly multiple times, only the company can unlock the phone because the device will be blocked automatically. After entering the code correctly, you can successfully switch to the new network.  

2. Unlock the SIM of the Samsung Galaxy Free with Apps  

If you are looking for the best way to unlock sim network, you can download a Google Play App, and install it on your device. For almost all Samsung phones, Galaxy SIM Unlock is the best and most popular App to unlock your device. With around 4.3 / 5 average points, it has more than 1 million downloads. Instead of paying your network provider, in order to unlock the SIM, this mechanism is much more accessible.  

However, the only problem is that it is not important that this app definitely works with the latest models. Despite its popularity, the app has some criticism to consider. But if you are looking for an accessible and easy way to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy SIM, this is a better way to unlock it than through the company.  

3. Unlock the SIM of the Samsung Galaxy Free ManuallyMake sure the device is locked  

Insert the new SIM into your device to ensure that your device is locked. Many Samsung devices are unlocked. So, you must, first of all, make sure of that. 

Update your device  

When your device establishes a connection to the new network, it will request an unlock code.  

Insert the code correctly  

The first time you turn on the phone, you will find that the Android 4.1.1 system will be running. So, you must update the operating system first, because with it you can unlock the device if you are walking in an old version of Android 4.3. To check if the existing version on your device, simply go to “Settings”, go down and select “About Device” on your phone to know what version of Android you have.  

In “About Device” go to the next menu and select “System Updates” and then “Check Updates”. Your phone will update automatically. You can update your device only through the Wi-Fi network because your new SIM does not have any connection.


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