Unity Towards Common Energy Goal for Future Generation

Everybody talks about the renewable, clean and green energy for future as alternate to present fossil energy resources…..this sounds good and really appreciable thoughts. 

There are many options known to us like solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, biomass, etc which could be explored further or are being explored at the moment. Though, the focus towards goal is different for each country and implements steps suitable to its own boundary and political compulsions. 

We should accept the fact that the natural energy resources beneath the Earth are not renewable and can’t be created in a manufacturing factory. As we know that the major portion of energy resources (basically fossil fuels and natural gases) are available in the Middle East and Gulf countries that are governing and regulating the energy markets around the world. 

Now, the big question is how long will it sustain and satisfy the energy needs of humanity? Probably, based on the available data of energy resources we can easily calculate the approximate lifetime for these resources.

The World Needs An Unity for Renewable Energy

Do we really think that there should be an extraordinary efforts to overcome the expected energy crisis in future?
I think instead of spending money on defense equipment, it is important and necessity to invest for the future energy resources. It’s a paramount to come closer beyond the boundary of countries; think and act as a one entity to achieve the common goal of sustainable energy sources for the future generation. 
This approach has many advantages like there will be a cost reduction in research and development activities due to common focus and use of minimum infrastructure and resources, the creation of positive investment climate as more and more people will join the movement and contribute from their heart instead of mind. 
I think when people join any movement for common cause and start delivering the new ideas and thoughts; we could see an ocean of positive energy from them and results in improved self confidence among them. As per one study, we are spending more energy than we explore due to various factors based known to us. One of the reasons could be lack of awareness about current stock of energy resources or responsibility towards the society. One has to think twice before unwarranted use of precious energy resources.
I think people make and run the governments rather the president or prime minister runs the country. When each person starts contributing and conserving energy resources then no task is impossible or unbelievable in the world. We need to focus and act for a common goal of future energy resources. People power is stronger than the energy power!
The innovations and new ideas derived from the people must be recognized and suitably awarded. This will encourage them to think for further development in the renewable energy resources. Once, we achieve of common goal and start implementing the ideas into action; we would see the world without energy crisis for sure!!!


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