UK Based GARBACO Developed 100 Percent Green House, Can Build Under $12000 in Just 2 Weeks!

Access to decent affordable housing is one of the major issues in rich and poor economies, people find difficulties in satisfying the other necessities while tacking the increasing cost of housing.   

Especially, middle and low-income families suffer a lot even in the rich countries that result in unemployment and a lower standard of living in the 21st century. Widespread efforts are being made by policymakers and private-sector leaders to address the housing issue at all levels.   

However, about 330 million households across the globe live in slums or inadequate housing or spending the huge rental amount on housing. This figure could rise to 440 million or about 1.6 billion people, according to the World Resources Institute. 

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The rapid shift toward urban housing makes it all the more challenging for cities to grow equitably and sustainably. These challenges are most acute in the global south, namely the Africa region, Asia, and Latin America where the lack of affordable, adequate, and secure housing in cities are more visible.  

As we are facing uninterrupted natural disasters due to climate changes in the form of cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, etc. at some places across the world.   

We should now strive for a paramount shift from fossil energy to a clean source of energy to save our planet and humanity. The housing sector is one of the major energy-consuming where you can contribute towards 100 percent green or self-sustained living.   

In recent years, the demand for affordable, eco-friendly, and zero energy housing is on the rise due to growing urbanization and middle-income families in developing countries.    To address the growing housing issue in Africa and other regions, a U.K. based organization, GARBACO has developed a 100 percent green, PolyPanel home that can be made under $12,000, and within just two weeks!  

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The founder of GARBACO, Lucky holds a British degree in Civil Engineering & has a construction background. In the past, he has invested in a range of businesses spanning from online tech, construction and renewable energy with a common goal of improving the lives of people.  

Africa already has the youngest population in the world; countries within the region are in for an extended period of demand for housing due to increased families.   However, the demographic factors only partly explain the depth of the housing deficit in Africa. Another, and potentially more important, factor is the high level of urbanization, which is something that has put a tremendous amount of pressure on existing infrastructure and housing supply.  

High construction costs including raw materials like cement, bricks, and concrete inflate the housing price at an astonishing 35 per cement in Nigeria than its neighboring countries.  

Now, GARBACO aims to provide an affordable and clean powered PolyPanel technology home to Nigeria, other regions of Africa, and later to the world which will help people to live sustainably.   

Their Indiegogo campaign for PolyPanel housing is currently live to take the project to the next level of development and support people living in Nigeria and other African regions.   

GARBACO’s housing concept is so simple that you can also build a 3 bedroom house with incredible rooftop solar-powered and built-in water purification system just like you develop any other DIY product with easy steps.  

The PolyPanel home focuses on two issues that the world faces today – renewable power and access to clean water, which are the most desirable things for a better and healthy lifestyle.   

The fire retardant, fiber-reinforced PolyPanel walls will keep the home perfectly insulated against harsh weather and the beating sun. The walls can also be constructed in any other shape or a modular room-sized fire-safe pod for residents in high-risk zones.   

The unique thing is its pieces which can be constructed locally on a continuous production line that results in proper quality control and achieving higher efficiency.  

The company aims to build around 5 million homes over the next decade with 70 percent of the business being families! Really very commendable work of GARBACO and its founder Lucky for building sustainable housing for all.


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