Types Of SUP Sport Boards For Different Purposes

Planning for a beach vacation today without some fun with surfboarding, paddleboards sounds to be incomplete. However, it was not the scenario until a few decades back. The popularity of sports boards and especially stand-up paddle-boarding has engrossed an enormous fan following globally. The sport form which began as merely an oceanic adventure for surfers now known to be the pioneer of these adventurous fun-filled water sport, like Laird Hamilton or Brian Keaulana, now happens to be favorite water sports. Not anymore limited to oceans and seas, people trying the waves at beach breaks, to harbors, angling spots to even at lakes.

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the most popular sports boards which are rapidly growing even more in its techniques and style. The part which is most appealing about this sport that it is a comprehensive deal of physical and mental rejuvenation, for it is exciting, adventurous, and easy to learn, involves complete physical activity and is fun even for beginners.

How for beginners who are merely trying to figure out where and how to use their SUP and what type of sports boards they must buy; there you must read. Here you will come across the basic types of paddle boards which you can invest in as a beginner. As a beginner, whichever type of paddle sports boards you fascinate for and intend to buy; you must keep in mind a few factors:

  • Initially, it is for essential to consider your ideal board size in respect to its volume since more capacity allows you to balance your weight better.
  • Check out for boards that are wider with enough space, longer so that it can be balanced and preferably thicker.
  • The more the volume of the board that thickness, wide or length, the better it can be balanced on water and the better weight capacity it will have.

Popular Types Of SUP Sport Boards

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All Round SUP: this is the most common SUP board shape available in the market, suitable for calm waters as well as massive waves. Sufficiently spacious, these boards are easy to balance and ideal for beginners and first-time surfers.

Touring Sport Boards SUP: If you intend for some serious workout and long-distance paddling on lakes, bays, ocean, this is what you need. Efficiently designed to withstand glides, offering maximum stability, it is an excellent choice for beginners as well as experienced paddlers.

Racing SUP: not a buy for beginners; these are typically designed for sports, racing on the open sea, flat water racing and even for down winders. The design involved added width and length to enhance its speed capacity, gliding power. This is a perfect pick for racers and highly experienced surfers.

Surfing SUPs Sport Boards: these SUPs are notably less stable therein it might be challenging to keep up the balance over these. However, owing to its light design it can be easily glided, rolled and topped over waves,

For those who want more action out of their paddle board experience. However, to manage this type of SUP, you definitely need skill and technique.

Fishing SUP: if you are one of those who love to take a sneak peek break now and then to resort to fishing yet don’t want to invest for a kayak or boat, here is your solution. Equipped with customizable scoped to add fishing rods, tools, fish finder, etc., these can be your ideal fishing partner. Moreover, these are designed with maximum volume so that while fishing, you can stay high and dry.

Therefore, check out your passion and interest to determine which type of SUP sports boards are suitable for your purpose, and accordingly invest in one.

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