Different Types of Cyclones And Preventive Measures

In an industry, there are various health hazards and harmful elements which are not good for employees and workers. At construction projects, there is a lot of dust and gas and various kinds of particulates present in the air. So it is recommended to install a cyclones separator. Nowadays cyclonic separations technology is used to remove harmful elements from the air, liquid stream and or gas. 

Cyclonic separations method work without any filters and vortex separation technology will be used to remove the particulates. Hydro-cyclone will be used when you want to remove particulates from the liquid stream and gas cyclone will be used if you want to remove particulates from the gas. If you have flue gases in your site project then you should install cyclone separators as they are best to use to remove particulates. You don’t have to lash out a large amount of money to buy cyclone separators.

Which Cyclone Separators You Should Buy For Your Industry?

There are different types of cyclone separators available in the market which you can use to remove particulates from the air and gas. But you should note that they vary in size for example if there is a large amount of gas which needs to be filtered then you should install a large cyclone separator that can better help you to remove particulates.

How Do Cyclone Separators Work?

The process of cyclone separators is very easy as they continuously filtering the dirty air like a centrifuge. A chamber is there in which dirty flue gas will be entered and then through the use of vortex technology a cyclone like a tornado will be created inside the chamber and then this process of spiral formation and separation is called as cyclone separator process. Vortex technology can easily filter the lighter component of the gas.  

If there are large particles which cannot be handled by vortex technology then these particles will hit inside wall of the container and they will enter into a collection hopper. The whole chamber is made like in upside down shape so that particles will automatically come down at the chamber. Cyclones are made to handle the particles which are larger than 10 micrometers in diameter. But there are many companies in Australia which are designing customized cyclone separators for big industry to remove small particles of a small size of 2.5 micrometers.   

Cyclones are even available for the companies who are looking to remove large particulates of 200 micrometers but for that size, it is best to install momentum separators and gravity setting chambers.  

If you are considering for cyclone separators then it will be a good option for you because it is the least expensive option if you are looking for particulate control devices.

How Effective They Are?

Cyclone separators are very effective if you want to remove particulates from the flue gas as they can remove 60 to 90% of the particulate elements from the flue gas and rest it all depend on the particulate size. As small as particulate matter it is hard for a cyclone to remove the particles because vortex technology will not work effectively. So if you want to remove large particulate matter then you should use cyclone separators.


After reading this article you can understand that cyclone separator are the least expensive method and are very easy to install. You will not require maintaining this system on a monthly basis as they require very less maintenance. You should choose a company which can provide you best cyclone separators.


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