Turning Your Bedroom Into a Stylish Sleep Sanctuary

Designing or redecorating a room, even just sprucing it up a little can be an extremely rewarding and interesting project. It is highly recommended upgrading some details in places where you spend most of your time, as you know, sometimes little things matter the most. Putting up a fresh coat of paint, or a new painting can completely transform the energy of a room. Today we will deal with the room you spend the most time in, where you begin and end each day – your bedroom, and provide you with several tips on how to turn it into a stylish sleep sanctuary.     

Comfort zone environment

Your bedroom should be a stress-free zone where you can achieve the maximum relaxation state of mind and unwind after an exhausting day. The environment you create should resemble all the things that usually calm you in terms of decor. We are talking about the main colour pattern, fragrances and artsy details (or in some minimalist style lovers, no details at all).

You should be aware of the way spaces, colors, and the arrangement of furniture can affect your mood and try to create a true oasis where all your worries are left behind the closed door. A must is to dedicate a scent for this room only to help your mind easily transition into relaxation. There are many options to choose from, such as scented candles, room perfumes, fragrance oils or incense sticks, not even to mention the catalog of fragrances.

We will suggest several layouts in terms of colour combinations which many experts in interior design claim to be the most calming tones. First of all, you can’t go wrong with any neutral tones, such as beige or grey, combined with a shade darker furniture and several details such as art, cotton bed sheets or silk pillows in your favourite popping colour, for example, royal blue or bright purple.

Another way to go is choosing light green or blue for walls, and other details in various shades of it, along with white and dark brown additions for the contrast. Any other colour in pastel shade will be a good choice as well. But considering this is all subjective, you can choose whichever colour you find soothing, and search the web for a colour palette to find the perfect combination.


Above all, your bedroom’s main function is pretty obvious, and any bedroom should be reserved for bedroom activities only! So you should definitely consider removing all the screens and other unnecessary items, even pieces of furniture that you don’t really need in there. This is in order to create as much open space between your bed, closet and a night table, as these three are practically everything you need in a bedroom. Break a bad habit of bringing your laptop in bed, and reserve any screen time for your living room. This will be extremely beneficial for numerous reasons, and with a main goal of creating that “zone” we’ve talked about in the previous paragraphs.

First of all, various kinds of work-related notifications may pop up on it, which can easily burst that relaxation bubble you have tried to create. Another issue is that artificial light from the screen will reduce the quality of your rest, and not even to mention you will most likely go to sleep later, spending an unnecessary amount of time on social networks or binge-watching a TV show. This should be a hard pass for the sanctuary atmosphere, where you should be calm and relaxed. Instead, you should turn to books, relaxing music, exercise or meditation rituals before sleep. Don’t forget to invest in heavy and quality curtains which will provide you the opportunity to turn your bedroom into a dark cave for hours and hours of uninterrupted sleep and the best Sunday mornings!


These were just some general guidelines that work for most people, and you can and should customise them to any extent needed for your specific mindset. The most important aspect of a bedroom being the most comfortable space is that you feel cosy in it. And there are no strict rules of what goes for cosy. Follow your instincts and brainstorm for a while about colours, aromas and items that you find relaxing, and you don’t need to be an interior designer to know this. Some people will prefer the stylish hardwood floors, while for others, a fluffy carpet goes hand in hand with cosiness. Just feel free to choose whatever floats your boat!

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