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No matter how successful or unsuccessful a business is, they all share one common problem: potential security breaches. Even though security technologies are constantly being updated, we aren’t getting increasingly safer. 
Why? Because the security threats are adapting along with the means of thwarting them. With this in mind, we present you with hot security technologies that will help you remain safe. 
Deep learning
Perhaps one of the most progressive modern security solutions, deep learning isn’t a single security measure here, but rather a number of different technologies. 
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However, it’s safe to say that the main focus of deep learning is “learning” how to detect anomalous behavior. For example, data center (and every other entity) has a typical way of functioning and it’s the job of deep learning technologies to figure out its regular pattern. 
This way, once an entity starts acting atypically, the system can take immediate action, eradicating threats.
Deception tools
Another modern way of handling the attackers is by using tools of deception. It’s all pretty simple and self-explanatory – deception tools create fake systems that regular users are made aware of, and since they don’t need to access a fake system, each login acts as a trigger, immediately alarming the dedicated security team. 
Essentially, this security tool involves creating fake vulnerabilities, cookies or shares to lure in the cyber criminals.
Pervasive trust services
The essence of pervasive trust services is helping the security models evolve by managing needs of many devices with limited processing power. 
Trust services ensure confidentiality, authentication, data protection and integrity and, most importantly, device identity.
Data loss prevention
If you think that your small business is basically untouchable on account of not really being a lucrative target, you’ll reconsider after reading this. 
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Firstly, never underestimate the power of despair – if a person needs money quickly, they won’t be planning a large-scale attack on a multinational conglomerate; they will target small and vulnerable businesses. 
Secondly, to other, more patient hackers, your business will serve as a gateway to larger firms that you’re doing business with.
One of the most dangerous consequences of personal information sharing between companies is data loss. Encryption and tokenization are used to prevent the loss of valuable information. 
These technologies offer secure movement and use of data, business analysis and process performance with minimal risk and exposure while complying with privacy regulations.
Endpoint detection and responses
These security tools (EDR) detect intrusions by recording endpoint and network events. EDRs enable information security officers to react immediately, should a security breach occur. 
Indicators of compromise and machine learning techniques are the pillars of endpoint detection and responses.
Business security
Physical security threats are still important. In order to ensure your business is as safe as possible, you should hire a security team. Installing security locks on all building entrances and on doors leading to limited access rooms is an excellent idea. 
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Secure each one of these with a HID reader and add security screens to your premises and you and your employees will be able to rest easier.
Flow visibility and micro-segmentation
Visualization tools are used by security teams to learn flow patterns, in order to be able to determine and set up segmentation policies and spot potential deviations. Should an attacker succeed in entering a system, micro-segmentation is used to prevent them from moving on to other systems.
In order to make sure that your business is as safe as possible, you need to always stay one step ahead of the attackers. 
This means that constant evolution is the only way to ensure high levels of safety and these technologies will help you stay on the right course; at least for the time being.


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