Track your health with Google’s smartband

Wireless carriers and smartphone companies are jumping on the bandwagon of wearable technology as it picks up traction to help compliment their mobile devices and data streaming services. Some devices can connect directly with smartphones, cars, or even healthcare monitors. A smartband is going to revolutionize the wearable market in near future. These smart wristbands and associated services are helping users stay connected with their health and fitness.

With this health band, Google is seeking to give doctors, researchers and physicians minute-by-minute data on how their patients are doing. Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google, in a telephonic interview with Bloomberg said “Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials” Google’s experimental device can determine pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, along with environmental information like light exposure and noise levels.
Source: Bloomberg
Google is developing a new health-tracking wristband that is solely built for medical purposes. The wrist band is pretty similar to commercially available trackers but it includes a few features that give a much more detailed analysis. According to a report from Bloomberg, the device is being developed by the Google X research division. Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google, claims that the band won’t be marketed as a consumer device.
The device will be used by medical professionals to track the patient’s vitals 24×7. It is capable of tracking heart rate, skin temperature and information of the surroundings like light exposure and noise. The device is built with long term usage in mind. The factor that distinguishes the watch from other popularly available smartwatches is that this wristband will deliver a much accurate result which can be termed credible for research purposes.
The Google X laboratory takes on projects including driverless cars and delivery drones, while in the health domain they have developed a contact lens equipped with a microchip that reads the blood sugar levels of diabetics.
Source: Bloomberg


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