Top Screen Time Apps To Monitor Your Mobile Screen

A friend, a confidante, an entertainer or a pandora of knowledge, call your smartphone by any name, but here’s a fact to ponder upon – your friend is taking control of your life. And, Why’s that? Because you are not keeping a check on it? It is essential for you to track screen time if you wish to maintain focus. And, it’s not as tough as it sounds. You can keep all the distractions at bay. All you need to have are some of the best screen tracker apps.

1. Social Fever

Coming in at number one is Social Fever which is one of the best apps with the help of which you can track screen time.

social fever

Do you want to have a screen time tracker that can control your mobile phone addiction and at the same time check mobile screen usage, Social Fever is the app you need. It’s got everything that’ll help you get a grip of your real life –

● Simple, intuitive and attractive user interface
● Has a floating time tracker that tells you exactly how much time you have spent on an app
● Through reports you can comprehensively check mobile screen usage of desired dates and days
● Monitor your eye and ear health and get reminded to look away from the screen or put down earphones
● Keep a track of your water consumption throughout the day and get reminders on water consumption
● Apart from being a mobile usage tracker, the app doubles up as a memory optimizer too


2. Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control

screen time

Screen time, as the name suggests is an app that keeps you in total control of mobile phone screen time. It is a feature loaded app that keeps a track of your indulgence with the various apps, videos and games on your phone.

● Plain and simple yet easy to use interface
● Keep a track of your daily and weekly usage of apps – which apps have been opened and how long have they been in use
● Categorize apps so as to prioritize their usage and set daily limits for an app. When the time arrives you’ll be notified
● Whitelist and blacklist apps such as text messages, telephone calls, etc

3. Phone usage tracker: Screen time monitoring

phone tracker

You might be using your smartphone nonchalantly without even keeping a track of your screen time. But, Phone usage tracker knows every bit about how much you are using your smartphone. It is undoubtedly, one of the highest rates screen time trackers on Google Play Store –

● Bubble timer tracks your app usage in real time
● The app tells you exactly how many times have you opened the apps and how long have you been using them
● Interesting stats and weekly and monthly reports to keep you aware of your smartphone consumption
● You can set your own targets and the app would help you achieve your targets with ease

4. My Phone Time – App usage tracking – Focus enabler


An average of over 3 hours on a smartphone, sounds surprising, right? More than surprising, it is appalling. And, to get you out of your smartphone addiction you can take help from My Phone Time, a screen time tracker that helps you keep tabs on your mobile phone usage in real-time.

● You can set daily goals of how much time you aim at spending on smartphone
● Lockscreen widget to keep you up with the mobile usage aspects
● Get a comprehensive and a detailed analytics of your phone usage
● You can whitelist and blacklist apps depending on which apps are distracting and which apps are not
● Phone and app usage tracker

5. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker & Controller


YourHour is one of the highest rated screen time tracker apps that lets you track screen time. It is available in more than 12 global languages.

● Dashboard tells you your unlock count and usage count of the past 7 day activity
● Floating clock timer tells you when your time is slipping out of your hands
● Know the exact level of your how addicted you are to your smartphone. Are you obsessed, habitual, achiever or dependent
● You can customize and check mobile screen usage on individual apps
● You get multiple daily and weekly reports on app usage and even get notified for the same. The premium users can choose to export these reports in a PDF format as well

Between you and your smartphone lies a lovely life that you should definitely consider spending more time with. Talking of which, we have curated a list of apps which will help you control your indulgence with notifications, games, apps and your smartphone per se. We hope that with the above screen time trackers you will now be able to achieve a better quality of life


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