Top Rated Shop Vacs for Dust Extraction

Top Rated Shop Vacs 2018  

Spring may be gone, but your dirty basement or attic isn’t. You’ve been putting off your big house cleaning for far too long and it’s time to get to it. A quick survey of the mess leaves you wondering, can my vacuum handle this?   

Shop Vacs are generally used to clean up industrial areas due to their superior suction to regular vacuums as well as their storage capacity. They can suck up dust, nails, glass, other debris and even water. You’ll change it less, due to the fact that they don’t use bags. Just pop the lid off and dump it.

Here are the top vacuum options from shop vacs for dust extraction.

Armor All 2.5 Gallon Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum 

For those of you living in apartments that are interested in taking your vacuum to the next level, look no further. This shop vac is only 7 lbs and holds up to 2.5 gallons of debris or water.

It won’t take up a lot of the limited space you’re already dealing with. It comes with a 6 ft hose and 10 ft power cord. It also comes with an auto shut off function when it reaches capacity.

Shop-Vac 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum 

If you’ve got a little extra money and the space to store something bigger, this is your Vac. This Shop Vac is 15 lbs of stainless steel power! 6 ft power cord and rear blower functionality. It comes on wheels for easy transport while you’re cleaning up. If you’ve got a big mess, this big boy will handle it for you.

Vacmaster 12 Gallon, 5 Peak HP, Wet/Dry Vacuum 

Now you’re cooking with gravy! This big boy right here pulls out all the stops. 7 ft hose, 12 ft power cord, car nozzle, reusable foam filters, air/noise diffuser and so much more! At 12 gallons, you won’t have to empty this for awhile, making clean up over and done in no time. There is a detachable blower on top for when you want to do some yard work.

Shop-Vac 8 gallon 6.0 Peak HP Stainless Wet Dry Vacuum

  Making another appearance on the list is the 8 gallon Shop Vac. Most of the features are the same to the 5 gallon with the obvious difference being gallon size. The power cord is longer on the 8 gallon by 6 ft putting it at 12 ft as opposed the 5 gallons 6 ft.

Another notable difference is the tank drain. Now you no longer have to “lift with your knees” and dump all that nastiness out, just unscrew and let it drain. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of these models, unless your pressed for space. If that’s the case then you want to find something that can handle your mess and not get in the way when it’s not in use. If you’re blessed with a home and ample storage, go for a big boy and watch your dust disappear.

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