Top 6 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Top 6 ways to increase your Instagram followers

Every brand today wants to reach out to their target and potential customers in a huge way. And for that traditional advertising, marketing and promotions aren’t enough.   

In today’s era of digital boom and internet technology advancement, having a strong and constant online presence is essential. And here the social media platforms come to help hugely. Since today most people use Smartphones and have an account on social media platforms, it’s essential to increase your social media follower count.  

Recently, Instagram has been playing an instrumental role in helping e-commerce business sites expand their customer base. If you have an account on Instagram, then it’s imperative that you have a high follower count that will ensure online business success.   

And there are many ways in which you can increase your followers on Instagram. Discussed below are some of the useful methods that you can refer to and resort to based on your preference and requirements.   

1. Purchase active followers

  It’s a new trend that has caught up with both established businesses as well as a new and small business. Purchasing active Instagram followers has a wide range of benefits, from increased online activity, visibility, word of mouth publicity, a rise in follower mentions, and growth of online sales, and so on. And if you wish to purchase Instagram active followers, you can refer to expert names like RoboLike and others for best results.   

2. Design an online Instagram competition for your followers

  Few marketing experts are of the opinion that online competitions are out of fashion now! It’s not entirely true. It is truer if you are referring to social media platforms! Today, other than exciting posts, Instagram users can also come up with innovative online contest ideas, for their followers to participate.   

When you create an online competition for your followers, you tweak their interest. They are enthused about it and share the same in their profile. And this brings you extra followers and increased brand awareness and visibility.   

Also, design your online competition thoughtfully. For instance, if you specialize in herbal teas, ensure that you arrange the online contest keeping in mind to educate the audience about herbal tea and its benefits. When you organize online competitions with a value-added agenda, it distinguishes you from other generic online competitions.   

It makes your followers perceive your brand has one who also keeps their customer’s viewpoint in mind. Once your audience sees you as reliable, they will love to share about you in their profiles. And this will gradually, help you grow your follower count.  

3. Create a trending hashtag for all your Instagram posts

  Initially, a hashtag got associated with Twitter! But today, Instagram has also made provisions for people to use hashtags. Going by the record, in a post people can include as many as 30 hashtags and even more sometimes. But according to social media experts, having excess hashtags might confuse people.   

However, when you use a popular and trending hashtag, your post comes into public view even more. For instance, if you have a bakery business and you have recently launched sugar-free cupcakes, you can use hashtags such as #Fatfreecakes #NoCalorieCake and many more. It will help your post to reach those followers who are searching for fat-free cupcakes. Hence, the relevance of your post also increases.   

4. Go ahead and experiment with the various content format

  Today, social media marketers make use of multiple content kinds when they are planning to post on Instagram. The types can include video, photo and also exciting carousel posts. It’s essential that marketers experiment with all these types for better results. It can help in attracting new customers and followers who might be interested in your product. And this will gradually lead to better online sales as well.   

5. You can magnify your online reach by making use of Instagram ads

  Today, marketers and brands spend more than billion dollars on Instagram ads annually. And in the future, this count is expected to increase hugely. Different brands have realized that Instagram ads offer a unique scope to attract more followers and users.   

If you want to gain more customers and followers, Instagram ads are one of the best ways to grow your followers. And you have access to some of the best packages as well, that help you cost-effectively gain more followers way.   

6. Make use of Instagram tools for maximizing your follower count and customer engagement

  Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. And today, the online market is replete with some of the best techniques that help the social media influencers and marketers, to maximize their follower count. And this also helps to increase Instagram follower engagement in your posts as well. Three essential tools designed explicitly for Instagram are as follows:  

· SocialDrift

This tool enables companies and marketers to develop a big Instagram follower base. To do this, it depends on the machine-learning algorithms. And that works in a way to engage the target audience members automatically, using a series of follows and comments.   

· ViralRace

ViralRace is a new age tool for growing followers. It makes use of real, automatic and instant Instagram likes the moment you make a post. It is one of its kinds and is a leading one in this segment. Most social influencers and business persons make use of this tool to attract new followers and increase their brand visibility.   

· ViralUpgrade

Do you want to maximize Instagram brand reach as well as audience engagement? If yes, then this tool will help you to reach out to all your Instagram users via comments, shares, tags, and follows. Gradually, it will encourage Instagram users to follow your brand’s Instagram account.   

Do you wish to increase your Instagram follower count fast? If yes, then you can resort to a combination of purchasing active Instagram followers and also use the other tactics discussed above. It will help your brand to come into the public eye in a better manner.   

The more active your brand is on Instagram, the better is your online brand reputation. And a brand with a good reputation and a growing follower base helps to gain more followers.


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