Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Digital Marketing Industry

Social media tools and social media app have gained a lot of popularity and now they are the main source in the business industry across the world. 

92% of the marketers have proved that social media has helped in gaining exposure. That’s quite an impressive number!

If you are using social media only for entertainment, you are missing out a lot because social media may have started like this but now it has opportunities to offer. 

There are many social media platforms, so you can choose from anyone but for effective results, you should use popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. 

Therefore in this article, we will talk about five social media platforms for digital marketing.

With each platform, there will be basic information, monthly active users, and relevant reasons to choose them for digital marketing.

Define Social Media Platform

Social media means using websites and applications created for people to informally communicate with others. It is made to share content as quickly as possible as well as share similar interests. 

Many people know that social media is made on tablets or mobile phones, but social media initially and officially started from computers. Remember Orkut?. This misconception came because people use their cell phones to operate social apps.

We already knew before social media, how to deal with people when doing business, but the main problem we faced was reaching each client one at a time. After social media things became way easier, every business and company reached millions of audiences all at the same time. It became easy to deal with clients, to show them our products.  


Headquarter: Menlo Park, California.

Founded: 2004.

Monthly Users: 2.45 billion.

Whenever we talk about social media the first one to cross our mind is Facebook. 

Facebook is such a platform, where age is just a number. From 10 years to 60 years, all ages have an account on Facebook. 

If your business is marketing for teens 13 to 17 years, the investment won’t profit you, but if you do it for adults 25 to 34 years, you will gain a lot. 

Why Choose Facebook?

Apart from just connecting the world with each other, Facebook in digital marketing plays other roles. Helps to make business strategy.

  1. Facebook targets advertising platforms.
  2. Facebook gives chances in the marketplace. 
  3. Facebook engages audiences with their groups.


Headquarter: Menlo Park, California.

Founded: 2010.

Monthly users: 1 billion. 

Instagram is the younger cousin of Facebook. Couldn’t agree more. 

When Instagram came, it was rising in social media platforms and everybody back then took Instagram as an image filter app. But look at it now, Instagram is now a true giant and way towards becoming humongous. 

The users of Instagram are generally below the age of 35, where you can engage with Millennials and Generation Z.

Instagram is a well-designed app for consumer campaigns. 

Why Choose Instagram?

If you want to see what else Instagram does apart from providing amazing filters for pictures, read below.

  1. Instagram knows how to target advertising platforms, like Facebook.
  2. Instagram allows you to send messages through stories that will help your business.
  3. Instagram focuses on visual Instagram content.
  4. Instagram has a direct messaging option.
  5. Instagram creates influencers.


Headquarter: San Francisco, California.

Founded: 2006.

Monthly users: 340 million.

Tweeting has become similar to Googling, nowadays. 

Twitter delivers both B2B and B2C brands. Things can get interesting with this fact if the competition between Facebook and Twitter heats up. 

You can reach everyone you want through Twitter such as decision-makers, freelancers, executives, and consumer audiences. 

Twitter with its highly-interactive user base makes it very easy to interact with customers, you have to be very active if you want to turn it into genuine leads from engagement.

Why Choose Twitter?

Twitter can be outstanding for businesses, there are a few benefits that are given by Twitter to you.

  1. Twitter is well aware of advertising.
  2. Twitter promotes content
  3. Twitter knows trend researching.


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California.

Founded: 2002.

Monthly users: 260 million.

LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016 and became the B2B network for professionals and decision-makers. 

LinkedIn is used widely by companies to let people know about the types of content, job openings, company updates, and many more. This platform is also used by recruiters to check the candidate’s profile.

Why Choose LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can help businesses in ways that we sometimes forget. It is known as an ‘indispensable channel’. 

  1. LinkedIn enhances B2B awareness. 
  2. LinkedIn promotes digital advertising.
  3. LinkedIn is very good at building credibility.


Headquarter: Santa Monica, California. 

Founded: 2011.

Monthly users: 315 million.

If you are into Instagram for business purposes, then you should also consider Snapchat. When targeting Generation Z and Millenials Snapchat can really turn the table. 

The challenge Snapchat faces right now is Instagram, because it does the same thing with more effectiveness. 

Instagram dominates Snapchat, but Snapchat is dominant in younger crowds. Audiences aged 25 are going to be important if Snapchat is the platform you chose. 

Why Choose Snapchat?

Snapchat is ideal for business, 3 benefits to show that

  1. Snapchat uses sponsored geofilters
  2. Snapchat builds community.
  3. Snapchat enjoys less competition for now


Social media is not only for clicking pictures or reuniting with friends. It can do more than that. 

The way all social media platforms started their journeys was all about entertainment, but now they have added serious fields like business or branding.

We are truly grateful to the digital world. 

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