Top 5 Efficient Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers

According to marketing statistics, building efficient links can help you rank highly in search results and earn a respectable reputation in the market. With major search engines insisting that links “must be earned, not built,” algorithms are bound to change.

As a busy marketer, it is crucial to find effective link building strategies, considering links account for 42.7% of why sites are ranked highly in search engines. With so little time to create engaging content, there is no chance for trial and error. Here is a brief overview of efficient link building strategies busy managers can implement.

Maximize guest blogging opportunities

Guest blogging presents a unique opportunity, not only to drive more traffic to your website but also to expose your brand and reach audiences with varied interests. Sharing some of your best content with other bloggers and influencers that can promote its sharing and distribution can significantly improve your brand, sales, and growth. Make sure you research all guest blogging opportunities coming your way and identify the best partnerships that can push your content and strategic links to the targeted audience.

As a busy marketer, you do not have to come up with the content. You can hire writing services to provide original quality competent content created strategically to suit your link building goals.

Get more active in social media

Social media presents a goldmine for the new marker. If you are not active on social media, you are missing out on a lot and cannot effectively compete with the most successful brands. Social media platforms allow you to share your best content with the world and people can freely share your content with others.

Millions of people are on social media and there are several ways to market on social media. From campaigns to promotions and customer service, social media provide a unique marketplace for engaging your customers. You do not have to join all social platforms unless you have the capital and human resource required to accomplish that suit. As a rule of thumb, two or three social platforms are enough to share your content.

Research competitor backlinks

If your competitors are ranking highly, you can use it as a chance to research their unique techniques and replicate them in your business. The easiest option is to research competitor backlinks and their partners. Chances are they use trusted sites and reputable influencers for their links building. It is essential to identify your unique competitors and businesses that serve the same niche as you. These are usually the most successful sites ranking for the corresponding keywords, posts, products, services, or locations.

Use resources from globally trusted sites

The most successful websites and blogs offer resources and links to reputable sites you can visit in a click of a button. By providing related information that is relevant and helpful for their audiences, they distinguish themselves from sites that link to other hard-to-verify blogs. Link building is a symbiotic affair that involves networking with other authority sites. Your audiences can visit the authority sites and leave a post or share your content and links. As such, you should pick your external links carefully and make sure they work and lead to resourceful sites.

Broken links and link replication

Broken link strategy is a unique technique that involves researching competitive links that no longer work and redirecting them to your content. A broken link is straightforward. When you have a link to another site and the site owners choose to delete their content or halt the business, the link becomes a broken link that does not lead anywhere. Make sure the broken link was directed to content that is similar to yours. You can also purposefully create content for broken links.


Several other link building strategies are cutting across various areas of e-commerce, including analytics and tracking, using content pillars, link roundups, and social mentions, among others. It is crucial to improve the profile of your website links as it significantly influences how high you rank. Make sure you focus on the quality of your links rather than the quantity and build natural links around your brand.

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