Top 4 Types of Concrete Grinding Tools

Concrete grinding refers to leveling the floor; this is usually done on concrete, marble or granite floors. This is done to give a new feel to the floor and helps in leveling the floor in case it was unequal. 

One can use big concrete grinding machines and other small concrete grinding tools in order to fulfill their needs. The big machines are expensive, heavy and take up a lot more space hence it is advantageous to have small concrete grinding tools which can do the job and at the same time can be stored away easily.

Concrete Grinding Tools

Here is a list of concrete grinding tools that can act as your savior in case of certain circumstances.

#1. Grinders Which Are Hand-Held 

The hand-held grinders are one amongst the many versatile concrete grinding tools that are a must-have in the tool cabinet. They provide a fast remedy for leveling out the uneven portions and different irregularities on concrete, marble or granite surfaces. You’ll be able to additionally utilize it to get rid of stains, coatings or paint which have worn out. It also helps to clean up surfaces of the floor.

Where the grinding diameters are 5” or less, they cannot assume the role of the big machines pertaining to walk-behind surface preparation, for grinding giant portions of concrete. However, they work simply in small, congested areas wherever the bigger units cannot maneuver, like in places which have corners or are close to walls.

#2. Hammer Drills – Combination

These drills help to connect the dots between a rotary hammer and lightweight demolition hammer. They’re perfect to handle significant concrete drilling tasks. Furthermore, they are also used for chiseling or splintering. Although not strong enough to tear out a block, they can handle concrete thickness up to three or four inches.

#3. Hammers for Demolition

Basic demolition hammers cannot be expected to provide rotary drilling services. However, in exchange, you will get plenty of breaking capacity when compared to a combination hammer. Also, the lighter models can remove 350 to four hundred pounds of 5000-psi concrete every hour. Models with higher-amp can create enough impact for applications like breaking up pavement sections which may be as much as 6” thick.

Grinding Tools
#4. Cordless Hammer Drills Without Cords

One should be expected to carry a minimum of one cordless hammer drill/driver to any job site he visits. This provides full liberty in the movement if he would like to maneuver around the work site to try the drilling job. They additionally eliminate cords, a significant hazard that can make you trip and hurt yourself.

Concrete grinding tools pack plenty of power which can penetrate through concrete. No doubt, you have detected several of those rules before, however, they are worth repeating: 
1. These tools will get hot while using for a long period of time. Avoid touching the tools directly and it is advised to use safety gloves.
2. Always wear protective gear, as safety is the number one priority, may it be for long hours or just for a minute of working with these concrete grinding tools. Also, wear eye protection gears to avoid any kind of harm to your eyesight.
3. Wear a dirt mask or respirator, once you are engaged in work related to grinding or demolition, it will generate a lot of dirt or rubble.

4. When in operation with hammer drills or maybe, demolition hammers, wear padded gloves to cut back vibration. Additionally, taking breaks often can limit exposure.
5. Never handle the operation of hammer drills, demolition hammers, or grinders with one hand. Continuously hold each handle for optimum management.

6. Before you start using a concrete grinding tool it is advised that you thoroughly check for any kind of cracks, chips or blockages from the previous work, it is best to take precaution.


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