Top 10 Solar-powered wristwatches to look unlike all!

There’s a Solar watch for you no matter whether you are a sci-fi aficionado or an average guy; a millionaire or someone happy-go-lucky! Solar is not just for wristwatches undergoing rigorous treatments every now and then. Your fervor in fine tastes is adequately answered by the following Solar watches on display. They are impressive from technological standpoints; the same goes for their aesthetics, reliability, and durability factors.

Seiko Prospex Solar World Time Chronograph Power Reserve:

A 25-cities world-time function, a GMT second-time zone; a 24-hour chronograph with 1/5th-second increments and split-time measurement function, and all that require a considerable amount of power to run. This is where the Seiko Solar-powered caliber V195 quartz movement comes handy. Fully charged, it can run for a full 180 days without a recharge. The power-reserve indicator keeps track of usage. An alarm feature is also present. Safe to a large degree against sudden concussive shocks.

Seiko Prospex Digital wristwatches: 

Some typical digital watch functionalities apart, the digi-Tuna features a rotating bezel with an outer, one-hour minutes track that makes it a sensible addition on a digital watch. It allows tracking elapsed time. Among regular ones: An alarm, a 44-cities world-time function; two separate, but programmable time-zones and a stop-watch. 49.5 millimeters in diameter and 14 millimeters thick, you’ll not forget you’ve got it on and you shouldn’t have too many problems reading the screen.

Seiko Prospex SBEF029 Super Runner Lap Memory Solar:

The Caliber S680 Solar Movement offers a 300-laps memory, a stopwatch function, alarms, world time, a Timer, and a full auto-calendar programmed up to 2060. The AM/PM display is great for recovering from jet lag and the charging indicator ensures your watch keeps running. Looks pretty sci-fi and great in the gym or in the fields. Suitable for swimming and other semi-pro level water sports. Also, a good watch to wear as street fashion.

Seiko Prospex Solar: 

An ISO-6425 certified Prospex diver, the Solar Tuna is a chunky watch with a quirky, nifty feel, matching its very sturdy and very practical look, so much as to be a conversation starter. An excellent weekend beater for hiking, swimming, and snorkeling, you may also wear it while working around the house or in the garage. A delightful watch, its Seiko V157 Solar quartz movement makes sense every bit. Doesn’t require any kind of maintenance.

Seiko Solar White Dial Leather strap (gold):

The slim, tapering hands and plain indices remind of old, leisurely Parisian cafes, the perfect places to wear a dress watch, such as this quaint take on the idea. It is minimally styled, with a spacious dial and zero complications. Powered by light, you never need to compromise with the factory settings; once charged fully, it is ready to run for one full year. Nice and thin, it won’t weigh you down on the go.

Seiko Solar White Dial Leather strap (steel):

A stylish dress watch for regular use, this solar-powered Seiko watch fits your every business suit with its silver-tone and white dial. The minimalist rules have been bended a bit in this watch, which keeps things from turning bland. From corporate meetings to formal social occasions, this Solar-powered Seiko goes everywhere. Runs for years or will, probably for a lifetime, without any maintenance.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar:

It’s difficult to stay away from the charm of the sapphire crystal touch screen, offering functionalities like altimeter, barometer and compass. Alongside, the hands reposition themselves to show the various functions appearing on the digital screen and return to showing time once you’re done.

Casio Edifice Smartphone Link Dual Time Tough Solar:

The RACE LAP high-performance sports chronograph combines a dynamic design to advanced technologies, one being linking with smartphones. The motor sports-inspired designs and functions show through the target time indicator (@12), which measures the difference between measured lap times and a target time. There’s a stopwatch measuring 1/1000th-seconds; automatically adjusts time four times a day, synching to DST and your time zone using a phone app.

Citizen Eco-Drive CB5836-81L Radio Controlled:

The Cal. E660 Eco-Drive radio-controlled movement receives signals from multiple radio stations and can run for 10 months on a full charge and 26 months with the power-saving function on. Features a chronograph, an alarm, an insufficient charge warning function, overcharging prevention function, World Time (in 24 cities) and denotes the day of the week.

Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS:

For them who can’t stand deviation even by a second! The Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE watch receives signals from navigation satellites orbiting 20,000 kilometers above ground level, enabling a reception area as vast as the entire globe. It has the fastest automatic time and date correctional speed, offering a precision never before in time-telling. A high tech watch for the tech-savvy crowd!

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