Top Tips For Writing The Perfect Job Advertisement

The task of writing a job advertisement can seem daunting due to the huge amount of information they need to contain, but with some forward planning and research, it is possible to create a perfect job advertisement. More than just a list of tasks and criteria for a candidate to fulfill, they should offer insight into the business that is hiring and provide motivation for the best candidates to apply.

Here are three top tips on writing the perfect job advertisement:

1. Create A Lasting  First Impression

If you are looking forward to hiring highly talented, smart, and skilled candidates, then it’s utterly essential for you to create a compelling job post. If your job post is unattractive, then it won’t be able to capture the attention of a candidate who is in dire need of a job. If you want potential candidates to take your ad seriously, you should make it look significant for them. So make sure that you spend a significant amount of time in writing an attractive copy.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to allow a professional writer to draft your job advertisement. They will not only make it look attractive but also professional.

2. Create A Narrative  

There should be an element of narrative to your job advertisement. Each business has a story behind it and candidates like to hear how business has developed and grown over the years. You should include how many years you have been in business, previous projects that potential candidates would have been excited to be involved in, awards and accolades, work culture, and how long employees tend to stay at the business for (if this casts a positive light – longer retention is clearly the aim).

By creating a narrative, prospective candidates can better understand how they might fit into the business and how their unique skills and talents may benefit the business long term. Don’t forget a great job title – it should include the main responsibilities while sounding professional and exciting. A good job title helps with the narrative of the business by demonstrating company values.

3.Make It Search-Engine Friendly 

If you want to reach a wide range of candidates, make sure that you create a search-engine friendly copy. Use the right keywords related to your job opening so that potential candidates can find it over the internet. But make sure that you use the keywords intelligently; otherwise, your job advertisement will look very strange. Candidates won’t take it seriously if they find it unnatural.

Remember, the more candidates will see your job advertisement, the more calls you will receive for the job openings in question.    

 4. Sell The Position Make It Search-Engine Friendly

At the interview stage, it is up to the candidate to sell themselves to you, but at this early stage in the process, it is up to you to sell the position to them. Good candidates are often aware of the industry skills they possess that would be of use to a business, and great candidates will know how valuable these industry skills are. Some prospective candidates may be in other jobs or pursuing further education or experience to make their skill sets more valuable. For these reasons the job advertisement must demonstrate that the position is desirable and beneficial to the candidate.

The most important selling points to feature in a job advertisement are: salary and benefits/perks, working hours (flexible hours/remote working opportunities may be very important to some candidates), location (for example central London is highly desirable), and the idea that this position will be a step up the ladder for the right candidate.

5. Consider Involving a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies can bring valuable resources and knowledge to the hiring process. As they specialise purely in recruiting, they can dedicate themselves to finding you the perfect candidate while you can continue with what you love – running your business.

Taking a recruitment agency in London as an example, they will visit your business to speak with you and other employees to find areas of strength and weakness before helping you make the decision on what kind of hire you are looking for.

Recruitment agencies can bring a more varied potential candidate in front of you, and as they view the business from the outside may see areas that need improvement that you may have missed. By asking for a recruitment agency’s assistance, you will see a wider pool of applicants who may have more to offer than if you tried to hire alone.

There are a number of ways to improve your job ads, but by following the advice above you will be well on your way to writing the perfect job advertisement. We wish you luck in your search for the perfect candidate!

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