Tips for Travelling to NYC on Business

If you’re travelling on business to the Big Apple, chances are you’re quite successful. Namely, NYC is the most visited city when it comes to business travellers and there are many good reasons for that. However, we’re not going to analyse what makes it such a great place but focus on what you need to know before your trip, especially if you’ve never travelled to NYC. Knowing how to find your way around this amazing place and what to do in your free time will surely contribute to making your whole experience even better.

Flying in

There are three major airports around NYC. JFK is the largest and most popular and most international flights land there. It’s located in Queens, one of five boroughs comprising New York. You can take a yellow cab, order an Uber or use the AirTrain to get to Manhattan. Next, there is La Guardia, also located in Queens, which is where most domestic flights land.

Although it’s the closest airport to the city, the only way to get to Manhattan is by cab or Uber. Finally, Newark is another option. Many international flights to this airport are significantly cheaper, so make sure you explore your options before buying a ticket. Again, a yellow cab is your best and safest when it comes to getting to the center of the action.

Tips for Travelling to NYC on Business

Travelling around the New York city

Though many people recommend walking around Manhattan, you need to be careful. It can get very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, but, otherwise, there really is something about getting around Manhattan on foot. If, however, you need to use the subway, you need to know that all five boroughs are served by this 7th most used subway in the world.

Next, there is the famous yellow cab, as effective as ever. With so many cars out there, you shouldn’t have any problems getting one quickly. However, one of the most popular ways of getting around Manhattan is the bicycle. You can rely on companies offering affordable bike rental in New York to find the kind of bike which suits you the most and you can opt for hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly rental.


Your choice of accommodation depends on many factors, such as your budget and the location where most of your work will be. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to options, from budget hotels to those most expensive and luxurious ones. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a private apartment through Airbnb or similar platform. However, you need to be aware that you need to book well in advance if you want to get a good deal. Don’t rely on last-minute deals, since there are not so affordable and are often hard to find.

How to spend free time

If you’re lucky to have some free time, you can always turn to famous coffee shops, which are typically internet enabled, meaning you can also do some work from there. When it comes to restaurants, there is such a range of these establishments in Manhattan alone that all you need to do is pick you’re your heart desires. Needless to say, the nightlife is amazing.

After all, New York is called the city that never sleeps! Bars are always an interesting option, but you should definitely catch a Broadway show while in NYC. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a famous star in one of the shows. Again, the tickets are expensive and hard to come by (especially for Hamilton), but there are ways to get some great deals. Another option is to apply for a free ticket to one of the late-night television shows which are recorded in the Big Apple.

The parks

Where to begin? Central Park is the most popular and visited urban park in the world, but it’s huge and deserves more than one visit. You can go jogging or have a picnic or a nap if you find a nice, secluded spot.

There is also the Central Park Zoo, which might be worth a visit if you’re interested. However, we also recommend you visit Bryant Park, which a great spot to hang out any time of year. In the summer, you will see food stands, concerts and various other events, while the winter is reserved for ice-skating through the middle of the park.

This is just a travel tip of the iceberg when it comes to New York and what it has to offer to a business traveler. However, these tips should give you a solid base for planning your next (or first) trip to this amazing city.

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