Eco-Friendly Tips to Raise a Dog in a Sustainable Way

Dog pets are comforting companions that provide the royal compassion you get from your close friends and family. Your dog is part of your family and should be raised right to ensure that it remains healthy all the time. They, however, excrete substantial waste, which should be managed to maintain an eco- friendly environment. The following tips explain how to raise a dog in an eco-friendly way.

Look for Sustainable Food

Try your best to feed your dog with healthy, organic, and environmentally conscious feeds made by a reputable company. Also, buy the dog’s food in bulk, to prevent food pack accumulation at your compound. 

Consider buying food that is packed with recyclable material, with minimal plastic content, and when you are storing the food, use a washable and reusable container rather than a plastic bag. 

You can also make your dog food, various recipes are suitable for dogs, but you should consult your vet about the required nutrition proportions for your pet. 

Pet food production comes with an enormous footprint; avoid feeding your dog more than it needs; this will increase the carbon footprint and make your dog overweight putting it at a health risk.

Manage your Pet’s Waste


Pet’s waste can contaminate water sources, spread diseases to other animals, and add methane to the landfills if not managed. You can use water-soluble bags to collect the dog’s poop then flash bit in the toilet like any other waste, but ensure that your municipality can handle that type of garbage. 

While on a walk, carry along a biodegradable bag to pick up the poop. You can use composite methods to dispose of the dog waste; this ensures the protection of the environment and on-ground streams.

Get your Dog Around Town

Practice yourself with a more sustainable mode for getting your dog around town, like using the carry on containers provided in some bus services where you can safely store your pet. Consider using a bike with a basket carrier to ferry your pet to town.

Socialise your dog with other dogs by taking it on a walk at a nearby park. Moreover, you can use a mobile application for your dog. A free pet social network app like PatchPets can help you find fun dates for your four-legged friends. The app is available on Google Play which you can easily download. These approaches will help reduce the amount of gas used to travel to faraway parks.

Adopt a Pet


Find a dog in need of a home and adopt it instead of buying one from the pet store. It will reduce the carbon prints by shortening the distance covered to get to the pet stores with vehicles. Adopting a pet will help you save its life, and allow the local pet shelter to take in other animals.

Maintain pet Hygiene

When raising a good dog, you have to ensure high levels of cleanliness. Use non- toxic pet detergents that are natural and organic, consider using biodegradable wash products which are less harmful to both the environment and the dog’s skin. You can also make homemade cleaners and deodorizers for your dog, and control your water consumption as you clean it. Use towels or rags to dry your pet rather than using paper towels.


You should strive to make your dog more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of carbon print they generate. Purchase pet products wisely, avoid toxic materials and chemicals, buy organic beddings, choose collars leashes, and toys made from natural materials. Also, feed your pet well, manage the dog poops to prevent contamination of water sources. Adopt a pet from a shelter and neuter them to reduce the pet population.

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