7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum in 2018

7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum in 2018

Shopping is always fun until you have to start looking at different product features and specifications carefully. It is also true when seeking to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner.   

Most buyers, especially first-timers usually face challenges including choosing from the countless vacuum models with different prices, features, and qualities. However, with these seven tips on how to select the best robotic vacuum, you will get one that takes care of all your floor-cleaning needs perfectly.  

1. Think About Your Cleaning Needs

Before investing your money in a robotic vacuum, you need to understand your cleaning needs fully, as this will enable you to find the ideal robot vacuum for your home. If your floors are hardwood, tiles or carpet, try to find a robotic vacuum cleaner that has features specifically designed for that.   

If you want a vacuum cleaner for your floors only, then a robotic vacuum cleaner will work correctly. Although, if you need one that will clean your drapery, upholstery and other areas above the floor, then you are better of finding a handheld or full-sized vacuum.   

Another factor to consider is whether you have pets, which will make a robotic vacuum with pet cleaning features a must-have. If you also suffer from dust-related allergies, then you must ensure that the robotic vacuum filtration system is on-point, with the most preferable being HEPA filtration.  

2. Consider Total Hands Free Operation

The joy of owning a robotic vacuum cleaner is the ability to have it clean your floors without you having to lift a finger. The features that make a robotic vacuum perfect include reliable navigation that ensures that it doesn’t keep on bumping into obstacles and falling off edges.   

Precision dirt sensors are also essential, as they will reduce the hassle of you having to inspect your floors physically for dirty areas, and then having to return your robotic vacuum to those spots for the second round of vacuuming. Your ideal robotic vacuum should also be able to return automatically to its charging dock for recharging whenever it senses a low battery level.   

Even better does it become if this vacuum cleaner has scheduling capabilities for later cleaning and if it can be operated remotely via an app or remote control? If you get all these features to the latter, then you will enjoy the incredible hands-free operation, which adds up to great convenience.  

3. Find a Longer Battery Life

Since it is not feasible for your robotic vacuum to stay tethered to a power cable as it works, it is of great importance that its battery power can last at least 30 minutes. In addition to great battery life, it should also have the auto-charge feature, especially if you plan to use it in larger rooms.   

This reduces the amount of time and effort it would take to recharge it manually whenever its charge goes low, as well as avoids unnecessary interruptions during vacuuming.  

4. Deliberate on Your Budget

Cut your coat according to your cloth. It also applies to purchase a robotic vacuum, particularly concerning the budget. Even though robotic vacuums are quite expensive, it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend on one.   

You must do a cost versus features comparison before you decide if it is worth spending the specified amount on the vacuum cleaner model in question. Even though it is pretty obvious that the higher the price, the better the features and functionality you get, but this statement may not apply in some cases. Even though you might have to cut on some features, you need to look at the major features that will take care of your cleaning needs.   

Research before your purchase and you will get the best robotic vacuum within your budget. Make use of any discounts, coupons, and offers on robotic vacuums, and you will surely get one that will tickle your fancy.

For example, you can use a Target coupon in order to lower the cost of your purchase, and they have a great robot vacuum selection.

5. Search for Reliable Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is like the blood that runs a robotic vacuum cleaner. The most common connectivity technologies used in these vacuums include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These two make it possible to control the vacuum remotely.   

However, Bluetooth has a much shorter control radius as compared to Wi-Fi. It implies that Bluetooth-enabled robotic vacuums can only be controlled when you are within the vicinity, but Wi-Fi-enabled ones can even be controlled via a mobile app even if you are halfway across the world.   

If you are for the smart home trend, then you must also ensure that the robotic vacuum cleaner’s technology is compatible with your smart home devices. It provides seamless connectivity, especially if you use a virtual smart home assistant like Google Home, Alexa, or Siri.   

The Roomba vacuum cleaner models are some of the best options when it comes to reliable compatibility and connectivity.  

6. Dependable Navigation System and Sensors

It is essential and safe for any robotic vacuum to move around the house without bumping into obstacles or falling off edges. It calls for a steady navigation system that helps it detect any edges or obstacles around them.   

There is also the idea of dirt sensors such that you don’t have to search for any dirty spots manually; instead, this vacuum can detect any dirty spots like high traffic areas and go back and forth, cleaning and ensuring that every dirt and debris is gotten rid of.   

If you desire an even better experience, then geo-mapping features that allow you to set up virtual boundaries around areas you need cleaned will do the trick.  

7. Ease of Operation and Maintenance

The best machines are those that are easy to use and maintain. The best robotic vacuums do not come with complicated controls. For instance, the Roomba vacuum cleaner only features a Home button that you press to start vacuuming.   

In addition to ease of operation, it should also come with an app or remote control for hands-free operation; it should be easy to clean, empty, and repair. It helps a big deal to go for the well-known brands whose spares, replacement parts, and service stations are easily accessible.  

Getting the right robotic vacuum greatly benefits the homeowner. You will get more time and energy to take care of other important stuff such as hobbies, career and time with your family and friends. You also get cleaner floors as you don’t have to do the vacuuming manually anymore.   

Even better is the fact that a robotic vacuum cleaner will give you full liberty to control, schedule, and even monitor its cleaning. It is truly an incredible investment for you.

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