Three White Hat SEO Ways to Gain High Rank in Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential aspect of a brand’s digital marketing and promotions. And unlike what few people believe, SEO isn’t dead. Instead, it has become active over the past few years, lot more than ever.   

Other than the SEO changes that is a natural fall out of Google algorithm changes, the way SEO had changed its uses, is something that had raised pointless curiosity. Any person, who has an online business, understands the significance of making their website or blog Google friendly.   

If you want your service/product to grab people’s attention, you will have to function keeping in mind what works and doesn’t work with Google. There’s no other way to go about it.   

Google, as a search engine, captures 75% of the entire U.S search market. And you like other start-up entrepreneurs and other business owners would want to be visible to your potential customers. You sure do want your website to be crawled and indexed by Google.   

Implementing proper SEO tactics is what makes it possible. Google is a universal and top search engine! Most individuals search for their queries in Google first and then any other website. Hence, it is essential to fix on a customized SEO strategy.   

What makes a successful SEO strategy?

Anything that can be called a “White Hat SEO” strategy is considered to be good SEO. For people unfamiliar with this term, a White Hat SEO indicates the use of apt optimization strategies, tactics, and processes that concentrate on the human audience in contrast to search engines.   

This strategy adheres to all the essential and mandatory search engine policies and rules. Simply put, White Hat SEO is inclusive of all the SEO law-abiding practices that don’t get a company as well as an SEO agency into trouble. And for any professional assistance, you can reach out to names like Bigdropinc for expert guidance and support.   

Top 3 White Hat SEO tactics that ensure favorable rank in Google

1. The process of natural link building

Natural link building takes place when a website owner generates high-end backlinks from the web pages without taking an extra step. It means that the website owner doesn’t have to take the effort of curating blog posts, social media comments, and forums for getting links for the site.   

Natural link building occurs when a website owner link back to your web page as they feel the page is useful and has value. Hence, the question here is how you can make the online users believe that your web page is link worthy?   

For this, you need to write in-depth, useful, valuable and quality content that resolves real issues for a chosen section of individuals.   Curating good quality content is essential. And this isn’t just only for the search engines, but also because your content has all the chances of getting amplified today. Today more than millions of articles are published online on a daily basis.   

Therefore, it is essential that your post, editorial, and web content stands out. And when your content is original, high quality and can address the audience query, it has the chances to rank high in search engines.  

2. Create high authority sites and generate valuable links

Some SEO experts are not very fond of the term “Link Building.” It’s because it doesn’t cater to the action well. Instead, it’s apt to call it Link Earning. It is because the process lets people know if they want their business to develop value and meaning, backlinks play a crucial role.   

You need to implement a proactive attitude for SEO. You should be able to be out there and generate huge amounts of links you can. Do you want to rank on top in Google’s search results? If yes, then you have important tasks ahead to fulfill.  

Other than resorting and making use of the best tools to aim the excellent sites from a niche category, where you can request for links, you should know that majority of these domains will not be willing to give you anything, till such time they come across some real-time value and benefits.   

Hence, before making a start for targeting domains, it is essential for you to request for links urgently and mull over what you attain from doing this. A completely free trial of a new service or product, a unique content, a coupon code can be some of the giveaways.   

An expert SEO professional will always consider quality content as the best giveaway, as it is helpful in getting backlinks. Furthermore, a well-written guest blog can assist you to showcase yourself as an expert in your field amongst the new audience. 

3. Semantic Markup

Most people get inhibited about Semantic Markup. It sounds complicated to them. Knowing for the elements that it indicates; this attitude comes as a surprise. However, to explain in simple terms, semantic markup suggests making use of HTML tags to inform search engines about a chosen content.   

You don’t need to provide vivid details but directly report what the entire content is all about. Such rich snippets of extra data assist Google to index your web pages faster than ever.   

It also appears in the influence searchers as well as the SERP (Search engine results page). Akin to any other aspects, it is good not to make wrong use of this tool. When you try to trick Google by providing excess data that doesn’t in any way sum up your post, sooner or later, Google will take note of it and have your website penalized.   

Do you want to stay entirely authentic and develop high-end snippets for the post? If yes, then it’s always better to look into schema markup while content generation.   

Today, every online website is engaged in implementing the best SEO tactics to stay competitive and attain high ranks. The progressive websites count on only the White Hat SEO tactics as that ensures success and security.   

If you don’t know where to start with the White Hat SEO tactics, you can start with the above-discussed tactics and see the difference for yourself.   

There are several White Hat SEO tactics that you can implement to increase your SEO results in the best way possible ways. In today’s online era having a good search engine rank is essential. Equipped with these tactics to start with, you can go ahead and maintain favorable SEO benefits and high Google ranks. 


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