Things To Take Care Of Creating A Safe Sleep Space For Your Baby

Babies are delicate and innocent. Whether inside or outside your house, you need to take extra precaution for their safety. Even when they are sleeping you need to be extra cautious. So, while setting up a nursery for your child make sure you choose the right baby cots. And, to ensure a safe sleep space for your baby, there are many things you can keep in mind.

Simplify your baby’s bed

Keeping your baby’s bed simple is the best way to make them feel calm when they are sleeping. Provide a best flippable air foam mattress with a fitted sheet. Avoid cluttering the space with padded bumpers, stuffed animals, duvets and blankets.

Moreover, using baby cots is the best kind of bed for them as they have railings on every side to prevent the baby from rolling down. Make sure your purchased cots are in accordance with the Australian safety standards.

When your baby will grow there are chances of crawling out from the cot. So, make sure the mattress is at the lowest level to maintain a safe height.

Encourage back sleeping

The old perception of the baby’s sleeping position has changed over the years. You might have studied the connection between the baby’s sleeping on their stomach and SIDS. However, the babies should sleep on their back. It is the safest position for them during a nap and night sleep. Since 25 years when the back sleep was recommended, babies’ deaths from SIDS have reduced by more than 50%.

Take care of the baby’s body temperature

It is not exactly known that the SIDS is caused merely by sleeping on the stomach. It could also be overheating of the babies’ body. Their temperature can be guessed through the head and face. If you are putting him on bed heavily dressed with a loose blanket covering all of its body, he might get overly and dangerously heated. So, ensure that you dress your baby in pyjamas or other baby’s skin friendly and comfortable clothes. Don’t make them wear hats while they sleep.

Another thing is the bedroom temperature. The ideal temperature should be somewhere between 60°F-68°F (or 16°C-20°C). You can have a thermometer that changes colour when the room gets too cold or hot for the baby to handle. It is important that the baby feel warm and cozy to induce sound sleep.

Invest in a sleep sack

To keep no doubt on your baby’s sleep attire, invest in a sleep sack. It will certainly keep your baby cozy and warm. Also, even you can sit in peace not worrying about a loose blanket. If your child is less than 12 months, loose blanket and duvets can be a suffocation risk. However, it is crucial to check how thick the sleep sack is and it should be work in what season. For summer, you can buy very thin and light sacks, while choose thick and warm for winters. You can also hang a guide in baby’s room on how to dress your baby under the sack depending on room temperature.

Summing up

The babies are not aware of their safety so, being a parent, you always stress about this factor. But, by taking care of a few things, you can have your baby safe even when you are not around. Rather than focusing on stylish baby furniture, you certainly need to pay more attention to the safety aspects in their room. But, if you are someone who desires both, check out the baby furniture and décor collection.

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