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Because of advances in technology, we are becoming more knowledgeable about new methods and products that can automate more of the manual tasks that we perform, as well as numerous forms of automation, such as the creation of bots, the construction and implementation of workflows, and automated robotic processes.

Today, various tools are available to support multiple automation strategies. Nevertheless, we will talk about Nintex today, a well-known brand widely regarded as one of the most promising for process automation worldwide. Nintex is the industry leader in end-to-end management systems and workflow automation. Their software can be controlled, automated, and optimized and does not require coding.

The software that automates the workflow aims to address fundamental business functions that are company-wide procedures. Their primary goal is to assist you in enhancing the way you operate and achieving higher productivity levels in your company.

Nintex’s products and services are utilized in various domains, including customer service, finance, human resources, operations, and marketing. For more than a decade, Nintex has been developing software and cloud-based services that, when combined, automate a wide variety of business activities by providing efficient workflows that are simple to use.

In this blog post, we will discuss what Nintex does and the Nintex benefits can provide to a wide range of enterprises.

What Does Nintex Do?

Nintex focuses on making powerful, easy-to-use technology that meets the needs of both business users and IT professionals. There is a growth in productivity and long-term results when it becomes easy for your employees to work together. Let us see what Nintex does to ease businesses’ working processes.

● Putting Together Workflows

SharePoint has a workflow engine and built-in workflows that automate simple tasks without hiring a developer. But after SharePoint has been changed to fit your organization’s needs, then the developer requires it. This is where Nintex workflows prove to be helpful. Nintex Workflow Designer is built into your web browser, so you do not have to install anything else.

Workflows can be set up so they begin their work as soon as something is added or changed in a container. They can be modified to run at a specific time or interval. Another reason why several companies prefer Nintex is that the Nintex workflows can only operate or run when certain conditions are met. This reduces the chance of errors and double work.

● Getting Systems to Work Together

Nintex supports multiple integration points, such as web requests, web service requests, multiple queries (SQL, OLEDB, Oracle, LDAP, XML, BCS, OLAP, etc.), CRM integration, Biztalk, and even custom solutions. The convenience of integration ensures that workflows work across the whole organization, not just in a small area.

Nintex works on-premises or in the cloud through Office 365. This is because each company’s infrastructure is different. Nintex’s software and cloud services make it easy and quick for businesses to automate routine business tasks.

● Making Sure Workflows are Easy and Last a Long Time

With the enterprise-grade workflow tool, companies can run hundreds of thousands of workflows weekly. They will automatically start picking up the most recent design. And, with Nintex’s start workflow action, scheduled workflows task, and multiple master and sub-workflows are easy to track business processes functionally.

Primary Benefits of Using Nintex

Workflow automation is one of the essential kinds of process automation and intelligence, despite being one of the simplest. Nintex is well-known worldwide for providing automation solutions and installation services that are both easy to use and highly successful. It is a dependable platform provided at the forefront of technological advancement. It provides a powerful platform for workflow and robotic process automation (RPA) and the capability to link workflows and chatbots to SharePoint.

However, some significant benefits of Nintex include the following:


1. Simple-to-use Platform

Nintex, the largest provider of workflow and various automation solutions, is quite an easy-to-use platform for programmers and consumers owing to its straightforward but efficient customer interface. Most computer users are already familiar with the drag-and-drop interface, which makes it more likely that they will pick it up quickly. Nintex is made to make it easy for users to create and follow workflows.

2. Does not Require Additional Third-party Software

When working with SharePoint using the Nintex Platform, you will not need to install special software like Silverlight or Kerberos. The installation of Nintex takes a few minutes. It does not require the installation of any additional apps as a follow-up or as a supporting component.

3. Simplifies the Process of Deployment

Nintex has many deployments and licensing options that provide great flexibility regarding deployment procedures. These solutions may be used with any cloud solution, including conventional cloud, hybrid cloud, or premise. This allows them to adapt to the future in the here and now. Businesses can license their Office 365 and SharePoint platforms more rapidly because of the many alternatives that Nintex provides.

4. Easy and Quick to Use for Designing and Developing

Nintex workflows are built and produced to enable the posting of workflows as soon as the workflows are developed. This capability is made possible by how Nintex workflows are developed and designed. Instead of requiring extra compilation, packing, and deployment following the creation of each workflow, Nintex takes note of the changes made and incorporates them into the subsequent iteration run.

5. No Coding Required

Because it was developed with the convenience of its users in mind, Nintex was set up so that even first-time users will not have to battle coding to experience the capability of Nintex workflows. The reason is simple: this platform was created to be a platform that does not require coding while still maintaining industry standards.

6. Detection of errors and faults Easily

Nintex comes with mistake rectification and checking capabilities, and moderation is much simpler. This is because there is no longer the stress of having to wait through the entirety of the automation if it fails; instead, all the faults and errors will be easily highlighted.

7. Allowing Users to Connect and Extend Their Experience with Nintex Live

Nintex Live is a collection of tools designed to improve the efficiency of various workflows. Whether it is an update to a social channel or the use of platforms like Dropbox, in addition to researching geo-location tools, Nintex Live gives numerous possibilities for users to include into existing workflows and increase the usefulness of their product. To improve the user experience even more, Nintex also provides mobile and live forms.

8. Mobile Version Available

Users can access and work on their tasks, forms, and clearances from any mobile device, thanks to the Nintex Mobile format. This function assists businesses in achieving higher levels of productivity.

To Sum it Up

Nintex workflow automation is a beneficial technology. Automating workflows using Nintex may help organizations save time and money while improving the precision of data and the visibility of operations. If you are intrigued by Nintex workflow automation and believe it may benefit your company, you should get in touch with a Nintex partner as soon as possible.

Nintex partners can assist you in determining whether or not Nintex workflow automation is the appropriate solution for your company. They can also supply you with the resources and assistance required to revolutionize your business with Nintex. Cyntexa is a Nintex Partner that provides Nintex Development services and they would be pleased to assist you in getting set up. Get in touch with us now!


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