The World’s Cheapest 101Hero 3D Printer for $49 Aims 3D Printing for Everyone

As with many revolutionary technologies, people are trying to use 3D printing to solve poverty in the developing world. 3D printing, its greatest potential remains mostly untapped, not making products for the rural poor.  

3D printing can be integrated into areas such as the arts, education, health, manufacturing, DIY projects, and many more areas. It could become a social empowerment tool for people living in under developed areas.   

As the price for 3D printers becomes more affordable with advancement of new technologies, industries including agriculture, healthcare, and education in developing countries would largely benefit. 3D printing has the power to change the world for the better!  

101Hero Mini 3D printer is a step towards sustainable and affordable 3D printers with cost starts from $49 only.   

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Image credit: 101Hero 3D Printer  

It is the most affordable 3D printer in the world. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, just plug in the printer, download models file, press the button, and watch your custom creations form.  

Enjoy while working with 101Hero 3D printer as you can work, play, print lifestyle objects and many more. It’s simple, accessible, affordable and dependable.   It has very compact design and also easy-to-use; you simply turn on the printer, insert the memory card, and print anything that you want!    


90% Finished Pre-Assembled Parts (Image source: Kickstarter)  

In order to saving the cost of shipping, you would get the 90% Finished Pre-assembled Kits of 101Hero Mini 3D Printer. And you just need 5 minutes to turn a few screws and start 3D printing of your favorite objects.  

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Images credit: 101Hero 3D Printer  

Bring your ideas to life, turn them into businesses, educate, learn, start a curriculum, run a modern workshop, and unleash your creativity with 101Hero 3D printer.

It creates any freestyle 3D objects, or in separate parts. You can 3D print any shapes and models, toys, gift jewelry, pendants, hanging ornaments, decorative arts, fridge magnets, cell phone, cases, pens, equipment for your Lego men, battle chess, and many more…endless.   

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Technical Data (Source: 101Hero Mini 3D Printer)  

You can use PLA, HIPS or ABS, as well as our 101Hero filament spools or standard 1.75 mm filament spools available on the market.  

101Hero’s cutting-edge technologies and bespoke parts give it a completely different cost structure than any other 3D printer.   

The crowdfunding campaign is currently live at Kickstarter and it has already got a spectacular response of $63,000 against a goal of $20,000!


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