The Marvel of Architecture – The Agora Garden Tower in Taipei

Our world is full of countless amazing and beautiful buildings, some of them known for its incredible architecture and construction, while others follow their history from ancient times.

However, some buildings in the world are so glamorous and look spectacular. Their construction is so unique that we cannot stop ourselves from getting impressed.

There are always the artists, when you think Picasso & visit Barcelona where the Gaudi genius is on display.

Images credit: Vincent Callebaut Architectures (via New Atlas)

One such example, really a nerve wrecking building is ‘The Agora Garden Tower’ has been under construction since 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan and expected to complete in September 2017.

Images credit: Vincent Callebaut Architectures (via New Atlas)

According Vincent Callebaut, the architecture of twisting tree-covered tower, the tower has the following amazing features that can really temp to anyone! 

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  • It will feature a total of 23,000 trees that will absorb up to 130 tons of CO2 each year
  • It has the form of a double helix with stable structure
  • The tower will rise to the 20 floors.
  • The total 40 luxury apartments having the floor space of 42,335 m2 (455,690 ft2)
  • Its 90-degree twist enables occupants a view of the Taipei 101 tower.
  • The tower twists 4.5 degrees each floor and overall rotation of 90 degrees.
  • It will have a rainwater capture and recycling system and a roof-based solar array to cut down on grid-based needs.
  • It will also include amenities like a swimming pool and a fitness center.

Images credit: Vincent Callebaut Architectures (via New Atlas)

Overall, it has an excellent design and attractive structure that seems to be one of its kinds in the world.

The diagrid truss structure of the core is very solid and acts as a column to counterbalance each floors load, as well as the cantilevering of one floor offset from the one below. 

We always inspire in life by nature and architecture, this tower would inspire many developers in the world to think out of the box and at the same time how to preserve the nature for future generations. (Source: New Atlas)


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