The largest 15 solar energy companies to participate in North India Solar Summit-2015


North India Solar Summit (NISS) is a leading exhibition and conference for Solar Industry in India. Having celebrated the exemplary success of its 1st edition, the 2nd Edition of NISS will have leading and renowned National and International exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in Solar Technology and Renewable Energy Solutions under one roof.

NISS is industry’s most comprehensive exhibition and conference where solar professionals will convene to stay up to date on the solar trends, Government Policies and the State of the industry. With Over 10,000 consumers from various Business Sectors and potential buyers visiting North India Solar Summit 2015, it makes this an inevitable opportunity to capitalize on the returns the investors make and at the same time contribute towards enlightening the future of India.  

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North India Solar Summit-2015

Around 15 largest solar energy companies operating in India will be participating at the Solar Energy Seminar and Business Summit organized by Indian Industries Association from April 24-26, 2015. The association claims it to be the largest solar energy exhibition in India to be held at Vibhuti Khand in Gomtinagar. The event will witness around 33 Solar Energy Companies, from India as well as abroad displaying their products and services.  

According to the Ministry of Renewable Energy Sources, Government of India, Uttar Pradesh holds a capacity to produce approximately 22,830 megawatts of solar energy. This solar capacity alone is almost twice the amount of total electricity currently required in the state. Till sometime in the past, it was a costly proposition to produce electricity using solar energy. “Although with the advent of new and modern technologies and innovations, the cost of producing solar electricity has reduced considerably and is expected to reduce further in the near future”, said IIA.  

Most of the developed and developing countries in the world today are focusing on initiatives to produce electricity using clean and green technologies, and solar energy tops the list of such clean technologies. This is evident from the fact that on a sunny day, Germany produces almost 40% of its total electricity generation capacity using solar energy. China has already achieved an installed capacity of 33,000 Mega Watts of electricity generation using solar energy as on date.

On similar lines, Government of India has also set a target to achieve 20,000 megawatts of grid-based and 2,000 megawatts of off-grid based electricity generation capacity using solar energy by the year 2020. A seminar on ‘Roof Top Solar Policy’ on the second day will be a major attraction of the summit for serious investors and entrepreneurs in the solar energy field.

There will also be open house discussion on roof top solar policy, roof top solar policy regulation, net metering and solar project financing. Banks and other agencies will explain the nuances of the new policy and help prospective entrepreneurs firm up their solar energy based business plans. The event is expected to attract about 20,000 visitors including prospective entrepreneurs and people interested to install solar systems. (Source: TNN)

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