The key factors that will affect US-India ties

After independence of India and during the “cold war” era, the relationship between America and India was thin as well thorny. But in recent years in 90’s there was a lot number of changes in US-INDIA relationship.

In the 21st century India’s emerged increasingly vital to core US foreign policy interests , India a dominant actor in its region and the home of more than one billion citizen is now often characterized as great power and an “indispensable” partner of the US.

Since 2014, Washington and New Delhi has been perusing a strategic partner that is based on share values and generally convergent geopolitical interest.
In my opinion the key factors that will further classified US-INDIA ties can be following;
Social security benefits to Indian professionals
USA is not willing to sign a social security benefits agreement, a social security benefits agreement with US would exempt Indian professional working in America for short term from social security taxes, if they pay such tax in India.
Technology transfer
On 8th august 2014 India and US agreed to go in for co development and co production of advance weapon system, But the focus of India is on technology transfer to ensure it can rebuild a robots defense industrial base, for which US is not yet ready.
Climate change
In the year 1998 when Atal Bihari Bajpai became India’s prime minister. He authorized nuclear weapons testing on Pokhran. Then at that time US strongly oppose this testing, promised sanctions and US president Mr. Clinton impose economic sanction on India.
America always accuse India, that they are unable to do anything about climate change because of India’s industrial revolution , But they themselves had not follow these things’ during their industrial revolution, then how come they expect the same not from us ?
Fight against terrorism and Kashmir policy
US always believe that Kashmir matter is all about India and Pakistan’s rivalry and it does not have anything to do with International politics or UNESCO.
As well when there was an terror attack on India’s parliament they said that “an unidentified gun man attack in Indian parliament”, while during 9/11 attack in America was officially declared terror attack with in 30 min of incident.
So in my opinion US policy makers need to refine their policy on such issues.
India’s reach to US market
US policy maker always try to make US reach to India’s market, In simple words they want their MNC’S to come in India and to do their business in Indian market, But they don’t want the same for India’s company to reach US market for example BPO and service center.
Rising Economy of India
Our economic growth just reached at 4.5 percent that is notably high from any western nation. Moreover, our growth projections for the coming years are considerably higher, and we are already seeing dramatic increases in foreign investment.
Also as Indian firms become global players and American firms understand India better, the small “business customs” issues that sometimes frustrate executives on both sides will decrease.
Business deals with US
In the coming years, America will definitely begin exporting part of its shale gas wealth. India has already contracted for nearly six million tons of LNG per year, and may sign deals for more in the future, thereby turning the U.S. into a major energy supplier to India.
Other than those there are also some relationship that totally depends on US-India ties some of them is Indo-Russian relationship and Indo-Iran energy cooperation.
Author: Sneha Singh (My Life My Inspiration)


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